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Great Reasons to Get Samsung Galaxy S8 

13 February 2018 | Jonathan So

The arrival of Samsung Galaxy S8 has been cited as an impressive development that defies the established status quo in the realm of smartphones. In other words, the Samsung S8 is a stunning piece of work with numerous game-changing features.

With its 5.8-inch Infinity Display, it offers stunning visuals which make everything that you can do or watch on its screen to look gorgeous. In fact, its 2960 x 1440 resolution simply means that you can expect a lot of depths and details in terms of display quality. More than just a smartphone, you can use the Samsung Galaxy S8 as a virtual reality display when you pair it with Oculus-powered Samsung Gear VR headset and a motion-sensing handheld controller.

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The Samsung Galaxy S8 also boasts better security features as it incorporates an iris scanner on the front camera so that you can unlock your smartphone with your own eyes. Regarding its camera performance, its 12MP Dual Pixel rear camera carries anti-blur, zoom, and low-light technologies which offer even higher photo quality. When it comes to taking selfies, its 8MP front camera also delivers equally impressive photos as well.

What makes Samsung Galaxy S8 amazing is that it now employs Bixby that can help you to perform various tasks such as filtering your news feed, show and search information, and shop around. When you take a look at all of its impressive specifications, there is no doubt that the Samsung Galaxy S8 is easily one of the best smartphones that you can get this year.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Wrap-Up: Impressive First Impression

The Samsung Galaxy S8 was launched worldwide on 21 April 2017

Samsung Galaxy S8 has officially been launched worldwide days ago and many smartphone aficionados must be curious to find out how Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone stacks up against its competitors. The launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is the South Korean company’s first significant phone launch after introducing the Note 7 last year.

Being Samsung’s latest flagship phone, The Samsung Galaxy S8 boasts impressive specifications. The phone runs on Android 7.0 Nougat and is equipped with a Snapdragon 835 processor with 4GB RAM and 64GB built-in storage. It comes with other features such as microSD support in case you need to increase the storage, NFC capabilities, facial recognition technology, iris scanner, fingerprint reader. In terms of the cameras, the Samsung Galaxy S8 brings with it a 12MP rear Dual Pixel camera and an 8MP front camera. The phone also has IP68 water and dust resistance, making it more durable in the long run.

One of the key highlights of the phone is its design, which many experts claim has made it the best-looking phone in the market to date. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is the first Samsung phone to sport an Infinity Display, a bezel-less design. This means that the screen stretches across the phone from one edge to another without any frames on the side. The display’s edges are rounded smoothly, a major improvement from the Galaxy S6 Edge.

With its new flagship gaining rave reviews from experts and users, Samsung is expecting to turn things around in terms of sales in its mobile sector. Samsung is relying on the Galaxy S8 to win back, claiming that pre-order figures for the Galaxy S8 were the best ever, up 30 percent from last year’s Galaxy 7 pre-orders last year.

In a press release, Samsung said, “The Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, launched on April 21, show robust initial sales.” Moreover, smartphone demands for the remainder of 2017 are predicted to slightly increase because customers should be replacing their older mid- and high-end phones with many smartphones being scheduled to debut in the later half of the year, including the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Samsung Galaxy S8 to Deliver Hassle-Free Business Search with Hiya

When looking for the contacts of a business or restaurant on your smartphone, you would most likely do a quick web search. The Samsung Galaxy S8, however, offers another alternative: the phone’s built-in dialer app, thanks to Samsung’s collaboration with Hiya.

The partnership with Hiya enables the Galaxy S8, due to be officially launched worldwide on April 21 will feature a new tab – Places, which will appear on top of the dialer page. Hiya, a start-up based in Seattle, is responsible for the tab equipped with its “Hiya Business Profile” product that was launched yesterday. The tab will enable future Galaxy S8 owners to find the contact number of a business and make a call without needing to use any third-party apps. To increase accuracy, Hiya will also be partnering with local directories to provide a comprehensive coverage.

This is not the first time that Samsung has worked together with Hiya. Hiya had previously partnered Samsung to pre-install its spam-blocking software on the Galaxy Note 7 and other devices. The app helped smartphone users to identify callers and automatically block spam calls.

According to Mayur Kamat, Hiya’s VP of Product, “Phone calls are still the most widely-used and effective methods for consumers to interact with businesses but calling a business is still needlessly cumbersome even in these modern times. With the availability of Hiya Business Profile, Galaxy S8 users will be able to directly contact these businesses on the dialer app. In other words, the Galaxy S8 has become smarter.”

Besides the aforementioned function, “Places” also includes an added capability that will be much welcomed – recommending nearby businesses to the user based on their current location and time of day. Here is an image showing the software’s interface:

This feature will be made available to users in 27 countries globally.

Samsung Galaxy S8 First to Feature High-Speed Wireless Connectivity

With the Samsung Galaxy S8’s release being around the corner, smartphone aficionados are looking forward to the features that Samsung’s upcoming flagship will be bringing – one of it being faster wireless speeds. The Galaxy S8 will be the first smartphone to use the Snapdragon 835 processor, the newest and fastest processor from Qualcomm. It gives the Galaxy S8 the ability to connect to Gigabit LTE-class wireless speeds, the fastest wireless speed to date – a benchmark that every US carrier will be aiming to achieve this year.

What does the Gigabit LTE bring to the table? To explain it simply, the Gigabit LTE connection is your 4G LTE connection on steroids. This gives the S8 the capability to access into network speeds as high as 300 megabits per second, possibly enabling you to download a two-hour movie in less than 20 seconds. Besides providing faster browsing speeds, the Gigabit LTE also introduces new services to users such as the live 360-degree video streaming for virtual reality.

According to Patrick Moorhead, an analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy, the introduction of the Gigabit LTE technology will contribute to Google’s vision of “instant apps” – programs that load instantaneously like a website. The Gigabit LTE capabilities also mean that Galaxy S8 owners will be able to open videos and photos from cloud instantly as if they were already on the device itself.

Users should take note that they should not be expecting this technology to be available immediately. Carriers will need to tweak and upgrade their networks to make them capable of supporting this technology, but the good news is that the upgrades are progressing steadily.

The Galaxy S8 will also offer another piece of impressive technology known as the High Performance User Equipment, which supposedly provides additional speed boosts, redefining the industry’s standard for “fast Internet speeds”.

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