Importance of Laptop Security: How DELL Laptops Secure Your Data

Jeremy Chee

Image courtesy of DELL

With the increasing rate of data breaches happening at a much higher frequency in this day and age. Protecting your data is now a much more onerous task than ever before. Compromised data and information breaches may even cost you losses of insurmountable proportions so it is vital that you keep all your precious data as securely as possible. Fret not, as DELL laptops have a line of products that will have all the features that you will need to secure your precious data. If you would like to learn more about how DELL laptops secures your data then do read on to find out more.

Kensington/Noble Security Slot

One of the many features that are available on most DELL laptops today is that their laptops have a nifty little feature called a Kensington/Noble Security Slot that will help to prevent your laptop from falling into the hands of larcenous miscreants. This feature which is primarily an anti-theft feature, works by making sure that your DELL laptop is fastened securely to your desk or other stationary object thereby making it harder for thieves to get a hold of your valuable data from your laptop.

Fingerprint Reader

As an additional security feature from DELL, most DELL laptops these days come with a fingerprint reader that will make sure that your laptop will only be unlocked by you. This security feature can be used as a multi-layered security measure in combination with other security features from DELL laptops to effectively prevent your data and other pertinent information from falling into the hands of the wrong person. As you may or may not know, every human’s fingerprint is unique so having a fingerprint reader will help you to keep all your precious records from being compromised.

Trusted Platform Module 2.0

Besides providing security features such as a fingerprint reader and the Kensington/Noble Security Slot, DELL laptops have other security features that work just as well too. Introducing the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0 from DELL. The TPM 2.0 is essentially a commercial-grade security chip that is found in the motherboard. What the TPM 2.0 does is that it fundamentally creates and stores encryption keys and passwords and thereby verifies that there has not been any tampering whatsoever prior to booting up your laptop. Another thing that the TPM 2.0 does is that it protects your data against any unauthorized external software attacks too.


With all these amazing security features from DELL, picking a DELL laptop as your preferred device would be a smart choice as you can have peace of mind that only a DELL laptop could provide when it comes to protecting your precious data. If you’d like to pick up a DELL laptop today, you may consider reading further down to see where you can get all the latest and best deals on all their laptops and other devices.

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