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Justifying the iPhone 8's Price Tag: The Most Expensive iPhone Ever?

15 August 2017 | Jonathan So

The iPhone 8 smartphone is expected to be the most expensive smartphone when it launches in only-God-and-Apple-knows-when. The big question remains: Will the phone be worth its exorbitant price?

In conjunction with the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, Apple is due to introduce the forthcoming iPhone 8 with radical changes. Although Apple has always been big on secrecy, rumours and leaks have been circulating online, giving us a glimpse of the iPhone 8. It is safe to say that the iPhone 8 will sport big changes and many new features that are not present in its predecessors. Below are some features (courtesy of leaks) that might justify why you should get yourself an iPhone 8:

Minimal Bezel Design

When the firmware for the upcoming HomePod speaker was released, developer Guilherme Rambo was curious as the HomePod is not scheduled for release until December. Digging further, Rambo found information to confirm that the iPhone 8 will feature an entirely new look with minimal bezel design. This is one of the biggest bombshell in Apple leaks in years – and it came from the horse’s mouth itself. The iPhone 8’s is likely to stretch from one end to another, including from top to bottom (as seen in the image above that Rambo uploaded on Twitter). Although Apple cannot lay claim that the iPhone is the first flagship to feature a minimal bezel design nor the one to popularise the design (the honours go to LG G6 and Samsung Galaxy S8 respectively), it can certainly compete in terms of aesthetics, especially with…

Absence of Physical Home Button

The removal of the bezels is only a portion of the design information found hidden in the firmware. The iPhone 8 will also be without the Home button, a significant feature present in all iPhone models to date. Instead, the smartphone is expected to come with a virtual home button with integrated Touch ID. With these design changes, the iPhone 8 will diverge from the normal design norm and sport an improved outlook appearance, making it look even more sleek and stylish.

The iPhone 8 will also be without the Home button, a significant feature present in all iPhone models to date.

Facial Recognition Unlocking

Sourced from the leak released by Apple itself, Steven Troughton-Smith, iOS developer has also discovered that the upcoming iPhone 8 will feature an infra-red face unlocking feature. This could serve as a replacement or an addition to the fingerprint sensor as a method to unlock your phone. Giving the iPhone 8 an even more futuristic vibe, the face-scanning unlock feature is claimed to be one of the main culprits behind the spike in the iPhone 8’s price tag.

As this is a never-before-seen feature on the iPhone, it will be unable to measure to what extent will the facial recognition feature work. Will it still be able to recognise you after you have gotten a new haircut or an unfortunate scar on the face? Better make sure that you get that face lift before you purchase the phone! If it is able to perform its job well, however, it can serve as a useful security measure to the iPhone’s safety features.

OLED Display

According to reports by The Wall Street Journal and Nikkei Asian Review, the next flagship is almost certain to have an OLED display, a huge upgrade from the LCD screens that Apple has been using for its iPhones. This will make the iPhone 8 a legitimate rival to the Samsung Galaxy 8 in terms of display quality (the battle of giants is on, people!). The improved screen translates to better contrast, more vibrant colours, and a battery-saving always-on display.

The improved screen translates to better contrast, more vibrant colours, and a battery-saving always-on display.

All Glass Design

The aluminium unibody design is a signature characteristic of the iPhone, but experts are expecting the inbound flagship to feature an all-glass design instead. A curved glass on the rear on the iPhone 8 is there for more than mere aesthetic value. It will lead to much-improved wireless charging, another feature that the iPhone 8 is expected to have. To think about it, all smartphones in the market today that supports wireless charging have either glass or plastic backs as electricity does not pass through metal as well.

Dual-Camera Setup and AR Support

Online leaks across multiple news sources have revealed that the iPhone 8 will feature a vertically-oriented dual-rear camera lens that can support augmented reality (AR). What can Apple do with AR? You might be able to point your iPhone 8 at an object and have it recognised. According to veteran Apple analyst Gene Munster, you will be able to find your seats at a crowded system or the grocery items amongst the aisles by looking at your phone. Additionally, Fast Company reported that Apple has developed a rear-facing 3D laser system that can improve AR depth detection as well as autofocus for photography.

In Conclusion... is it worth it?

From the leaks and information gathered thus far, the iPhone 8 seems to be a next-generation smartphone. Apple seems to be going all-in for its upcoming flagship and only time will tell if the effort will pay off. From the looks of it, the iPhone 8 is giving great value for its premium price tag.

If you are excited and cannot wait to own an iPhone, you can also check out these iPhone models below for more affordable options!

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