Microsoft Surface Book 2: From Hybrid to Conventional Laptop?

13 February 2018 | Reymart Sarigumba

Microsoft Surface is one of the most successful hybrid tablets that managed to deliver top notch performance despite the handy packaging. That’s why the Surface Book series from Microsoft has become a device to watch out for. For the case of Surface Book 2, it seems like fans will be disappointed, not because of its performance but because of its release date. It seems like we’ll be waiting a little longer to get our hands on the Surface Book 2.

Apparently, there was no sign of the Surface Book 2 during Microsoft’s Spring product launch. However, signs are pointing that it may be revealed some time autumn this year (2017). Microsoft has also been so quiet about the much-anticipated Surface Book 2, there hasn’t been any official word about its release date, price, specs, and variants.

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However, there are rumors saying that the Surface Book 2 may not follow the footsteps of its predecessor - it might go from hybrid to a fully-fledged laptop. If Microsoft will not follow the footsteps of its traditional clamshell design, one which we have already seen in the Surface Book line-ups, this one actually is an antithesis to what made the Surface Book a unique portable computer that became an instant fan favorite.

If that’s the path Microsoft will be pursuing for their Surface Book 2, it’s going to be a simpler device. This means it could also be more affordable than most Surface Books in the market today. Rumors suggest that it might be priced at around USD1,000 (4298 RM, 1378 SGD, 7780 HKD, and 50535 PHP) upon release compared to the cheapest one that’s available right now which is priced at USD1,300.

Despite rumors of it going back to a conventional laptop from being a hybrid tablet, what we could expect for Microsoft to retain is its original form factor flaunting a 13.5-inch screen and a magnesium-aluminum chassis.

However, there is no official announcement from Microsoft, to date. These rumors may or may not be true. That’s why, let’s just take them with a grain of salt, and just expect the best!

Microsoft Still Mum About Surface Book 2’s Official Launch Date

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Microsoft’s much-awaited Surface Book 2 is not going to be released anytime soon as the company is currently improving the device. With that, it is expected that it will come with innovative specifications and features once it is finally launched. This is according to a report published by The Verge, a technology news and media site. The report also indicated that the device will probably launch in the last quarter of this year.

Meanwhile, the Book 2’s predecessor, the Surface Book just got an update, including essential improvements like tweaks to Cortana speech recognition, a much-improved video playback feature, and much more. Nokia hasn’t stated these improvements in detail, except for Cortana that should be able to perform more accurately than before. With that, it does seem Nokia is only focusing on providing an update for its current Surface Book line-up and making sure that the Windows 10 update gets a favourable response from users.

The Surface Book 2 is expected to come with an even better display of 13.5 inches with a pixel resolution of 3840x2160. This 4K resolution is backed with a powerful Intel Kaby Lake processor, which is good enough to support 4K content. The processor can also support the Surface Book 2’s quad core configuration. Along with its thermal envelope of 95 Watts, it will make the device more energy efficient despite increased performance and demanding requirements. In addition to performance improvements, the Kaby Lake processor is compatible with the latest USB 3.1 Type -C and the Thunderbolt Technology that can perform fast data transfers and quick charging. All these amazing specifications seem good enough to beat Apple’s MacBook Pro. However, it didn’t launch in time to beat Apple’s current Macbook Pro model.

As mentioned, Microsoft has not confirmed the Surface Book 2’s official launch date. Its expected price should be around 4,270 RM (which converts to 1379 SGD, 7764 HKD, and 50000PHP).

Microsoft Reportedly Delays Surface Book 2 Launch

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One of the much-awaited Microsoft gadgets, the Surface Book 2, is facing some issues, one of which is its delayed launch. The device was not included in Microsoft’s spring product line-up this year. As it was revealed on the tech news site, ZDNet, a source close to Microsoft said that the Surface Book 2 will not be included in the company's spring product launch, which turned out to be totally true. On the event, the Surface Book 2 was a no-show, and a few weeks later, the Surface Pro was released on the market.

Now, recent reports are suggesting that Surface Book 2 is rumored to launch by the last quarter of this year. It is believed to sport great features and will compete with big names like Apple’s Macbook Pro.

If the Surface Book 2 will exist, it is expected to have a top-of-the-line Kaby Lake processor. This will enable quick processing of data and use up lesser power. Aside from that, it is rumored to come with an Intel HD Graphics 520 GPU which will allow users to play decent games and run important office applications seamlessly.

In terms of the display, the Surface Book 2 is speculated to feature a 13.5-inch display that sports a 4K resolution which will be a massive upgrade from its first version. If this turns out to be true, then it will probably pack a capacious battery to support 4K content.

While the Surface Pro is making the rounds on tech news sites these days, Microsoft hasn’t provided any information about the Surface Book 2’s release. However, it’s safe to say that it might arrive in October this year.

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