Trio Kaden is a company that specializes in the sales, marketing, and service of a variety of their own branded electrical home appliance. They have been in the market for many years and have very reliable products that are used throughout the country in many homes.


Trio Kaden Singapore

Trio Home Appliances

A house is not quite complete without any furniture. Furniture completes a home by providing functionality, décor, and comfort. However, there are some things that furniture cannot do, such as washing your clothes or washing your dishes. For those added convenience, you will need to employ the use of home and kitchen appliances.

Home and kitchen appliances can help to make our daily lives very much more convenient than usual. Common home and kitchen appliances allow us to carry out our daily duties or chores much quicker and better than if we were to do it manually. Take for example the everyday rice cooker. If we did not have something as convenient as a rice cooker, we would be spending a lot of time cooking the rice over a pot with water, and we would have to spend more time to be more attentive to it while it cooks. With a rice cooker however, we just have to put in the rice and water, then press on the button and leave it be – the rice will still be cooked to perfection.

Trio Singapore puts that type of functionality first and foremost with all of their home electronical appliances. All of their electrical appliances are built and designed to help make your daily chores all the more convenient, and possibly even make it fun.

About Trio and the TRIO Group of Companies

Trio, or Trio Kaden is a company that specializes in the marketing, servicing, and sales of their home electrical appliances. On a much wider view, Trio Kaden is a member of the TRIO Group of Companies. The TRIO Group of Companies was first founded in 1996. Under the TRIO Group of Companies are four different companies: Trio Kaden, specializing in electrical home appliances; Trio Auto Accessories, specializing in car accessories; Trio Electric & Automation, distributor of Mitsubishi air conditioners; IMS Distribution, distributing JBL, Harman Kardon, and Infinity Home audio equipment.

Trio Karden, the home appliance focused company was formed only in 2006, and they market a variety of home appliances under the Trio brand name. They ensure that all of their products are of high quality materials and are reliable. Their products are also all SIRIM approved, means that it is an electronic device that has been certified safe to use in Singapore. Trio Karden hopes to make it so that all of their Trio branded appliances will always be synonymous with quality, reliability, durability, and also great value for money.

Trio's Electric Appliance Lineup

Trio has a vast lineup of home electrical appliances. Most of their electrical appliance products are mainly aimed towards kitchen use, as is evident by the multitude of different types of cookers in their product range. Cooking in the kitchen has never felt more intuitive and convenient than with Trio's home electrical appliances.

Trio Air Fryer

Trio's air fryer provides you with the capability to deep fry all the delicious foods you could ever want without the use of excessive oil. It has got a generously large 2.5 liter capacity non-stick frying basket that can hold all of your crunchy and crispy french fries, chicken nuggets, and more! The basket is also removable for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Trio Rice Cooker

Cooking rice should not be a worrisome task, especially in a country where rice is the staple of everyone's diet. Trio's rice cooker makes it easy for everyone to cook rice: You just put in the rice, water, slide the selector to rice or porridge and push down the lever – you are done. It has a large 1.8 liter capacity in case you have got a large group of people to feed. The rice cooker has a non-stick inner pot as well as easily removable vents that are easy to clean.

Trio Sandwich Maker

Some people like their sandwiches with warmer fillings rather than the usual cold cuts. It is also sometimes a big bother to find the time to cook some raw meats or other forms of fillings for your sandwiches. With Trio sandwich maker however, you can just put in your bread and the filling and shut it close; the machine will take care of the cooking and toasting of the bread to cook just right.

Trio induction Cooker

Gas prices getting to you? Or finding that you sometimes do not have a spare gas tank for your stove when you are getting really hungry? Use an induction cooker. Trio's induction cookers use electricity of a consumption of up to 1800 Watts, which is not a lot, but it still gets hot enough for you to cook a lot of different foods. The induction cooker has an LED display to show you the temperature or other information, and the cooker's entire surface is made with an easy-cleaning and durable glass for easy maintenance.

If you are looking for high quality and reliable home electrical appliances that bring a lot of value for money, look towards Trio and you will not be disappointed.