If you talk about fancy, durable, and feminine underwear, trust only Triumph Singapore. Aside from their great line of panties, the brand also has bras in their great line of underwear. Shop for your favorite Triumph bra below or click here to know how to choose the perfect Triumph bra.


Triumph Bra - Maximum Support with a Feminine Touch

When it comes to bras, Triumph Singapore is a brand you can trust. Since 1948, the brand has been a choice for many women, not only in Asia but with 2000 active stores around the world. Due to its durable yet comfortable fabrics, and wide array of designs, the brand is considered to be among the best in the industry. Triumph is a brand that every woman must have.

Why choose Triumph Singapore?

For more than 65 years, the brand has provided excellent quality bras for women and is continually creating more innovative designs that would garner the best comfort, durability, and support. If you are looking for quality bras and underwears, here are reasons why you own at least one item from Triumph Singapore:

  • Compared to other high-end brands, Triumph bras are made for for all shapes and sizes! From A cups to D cups, skinny, short, plump, voluptuous, you can find the perfect Triumph bra for you.
  • Triumph bras are the epitome of comfortable underwear. Made from the finest lace and fabrics such as cotton, silk, quick dry fabric, and Lycra, your Triumph bras will never feel itchy or uncomfortable. On top of that, Triumph underwear has a comfortable magic wire which features a flexible touch wire inside the bra pad, creating great support without feeling uncomfortable.
  • Another reason why you should choose Trumph bras is its wide array of designs and features such as detachable straps, multi-way bras, front closures, maternity bras, push in and push up effects, etc.
  • One good reason why you should get a triumph bra is its durability compared to other brands. Triumph is well-known for providing excellent underwear which could last everyday wear and tear without becoming to uncomfortable.

What makes a good Triumph bra

Before taking home your Triumph bra, make sure that it fits these qualities:

  • Your bra should be comfortable, with adjustable straps to ease pressure on your shoulders.
  • When choosing a bra, make sure that the cups cover the bust entirely.
  • The center of the bra where the two cups combine should always touch the breast bone right in between.
  • If you want more support on top of a wired bra, choose a piece with a wide underband such as the Triumph Maximizer D 367 WHU Bra.
  • You know you have chosen the right bra for your size when the the back and fasteners are on the same level as your bust.

Benefits of choosing the right Triumph bra

Choosing the right bra is important, especially if you are gifted with big breasts. It ensures comfort and support for your daily activities, as well as preventing your twins from gravity and sagging. Choosing the right bra also helps you enhance your body shape, making you look leaner and more composed.

Throughout the years, many women have associated Triumph with quality. Take home your own Triumph bra here or discover other great brands available online! Nubra, Gossard, Cosabella, and Natori are just some of the many great brands available at iprice!