Let kids be a part of the travel experience by allowing them to pack their belongings in their own ride-on suitcase from Trunki Singapore. These special suitcases have amazing features that will surely make traveling with children stress-free. Click here to read more.

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7 Reasons to Love Children’s Ride-On SuitCases from Trunki Singapore

Most children love to play anything with wheels, such as a travel suitcase. They love to push it, ride on it and be pulled along. Truthfully, travel suitcases are not designed for such activities. However, such situations are unavoidable, especially when youngsters become bored and restless waiting at the bus stop, train station, or airport. For this reason, some parents just pack their child’s belongings into their suitcases instead of buying an extra one for their child to use. To make travel easier for both parents and kids, Trunki Singapore came up with ride-on suitcases or “trunkis” that meet both function and play. Trunkis are preferred by many moms and dads all over the world. Here are the reasons why it’s a much-loved product.

Made from High-Quality Materials

Since they are manufactured from a high-quality, lightweight plastic, trunkis are easily dragged, pushed, and pulled. Its plastic material is also very durable which can last up to more than 4 years. The case is adorned with four durable wheels, plus a front stabilizer attached to it to avoid youngsters from taking a tumble. It has an array of vivid patterns and colors that appeal to children such as the pink Trixie, Zimba the zebra, Hello Kitty, Una the unicorn, and Benny the cat models. Aside from that, it comes with dual handles that look like horns on the front which are eye-catching and adorable.

More Than Just a Suitcase

Unlike traditional suitcases which sit around gathering dust when not in use, trunkis are versatile since they can be used as a ride-on toy for children. Give your youngster rides on the trunki before bed by pulling the sturdy shoulder strap attached to the case. The shoulder strap also helps make a hectic flight-less grueling as parents can just carry the toy-luggage across their shoulder when they are in a hurry. Aside from that, there are horns that kids could hold on comfortably. To make your child feel more comfortable when riding the trunki, you may purchase an optional saddle for just a shoestring price tag. With all these options for comfortable transport, trunkis are definitely one of the cleverest pieces of luggage for children.

Enjoy Stress-free Travels

Traveling can sometimes be tiring, especially when your flight is delayed. Add a child throwing a tantrum to the equation, and your whole trip might end up really rough and stressful. To avoid such unpleasant situation while waiting a long time at the airport, provide some entertainment to your kids using a trunki. Use it as your child’s mode of transport while navigating the airport. Riding on the toy-luggage dispels their boredom and restlessness at the same time keeps them from having a meltdown. Now you can enjoy family traveling with this innovative suitcase.

Spacious Storage

A trunki will never be called a suitcase without its spacious storage. Using it as a storage for your child’s belongings is one of its main purposes. Amazingly, it could fit all your child’s clothes, diapers, and toiletries for a 4-day trip. Not to mention, it is compact enough to fit on the floor in your car’s backseat.

Makes a Wonderful Gift

Trunkis make a wonderful gift for birthdays or Christmas. With their playful designs, captivating colors, and interesting features, a child will surely be happy to receive one. A child who receives such gift will steal admiring glances from kids and adults as well.

Environmentally Friendly Product

Trunki is helping make the world a better place by recycling any used or returned stocks which can no longer be sold. Not only that, they use environmentally friendly materials and processes which are not only cost effective but also can reduce environmental impact. For this reason, they have received many accolades one of which is at the 2012 Plastic Industry Awards where they won Consumer Product of the Year. Not only that, they were also able to provide a lot of jobs for the British manufacturing industry.

Other Unique Functions

Besides its storage and ride-on functionality, a trunki also has other unique features which function more than just trivial accessories. Trunki attached an identification label to their suitcases to make sure they never get lost. They also come with sturdy locking catches to keep the contents stay securely inside. Aside from that, it has a secret compartment so your kid can hide some tasty treats. All these features along with other impressive functions make trunkis a worthwhile investment.