Tupperware is so prevalent in Singaporean households that plastic containers are often replaced with the name "Tupperware". The brand offers high-quality containers, storage, and other miscellaneous tools that make cooking much easier. Tupperware Singapore should be everyone's go-to container brand. Shop from our collection and add the brand's products to your kitchen today!

What Tupperware products should I get? | How can you tell if a Tupperware container is real?


Tupperware Singapore - A Guide to Getting Your First Tupperware

The story of Tupperware Brands began in 1948, and since then, this Florida brand has been providing the best plastic containers on the market. Tupperware products are now considered a staple in many households across the world and their presence in the region is as stronger as ever. From students to working adults, they rely on Tupperware Singapore to keep their prepped meals warm.

Tupperware Singapore - Top Tupperware Products You Should Add to Your Kitchen

  • Baking’s Best Set – this cookware includes dishwasher-safe measuring cups, measuring spoons, rolling pin, ad snack container.
  • Crystalwave Plus – a set of dinnerware that helps prevent spills when reheating. Dishwasher-safe and microwave safe.
  • Fridgesmart Set – this kitchen storage is ideal for storing food in the refrigerator. It controls airflow and moisture to keep the food fresh.
  • Ideal Lit’s Bowls – 250 ml containers that store or transport small snacks, cereals, fruits, baby food, and more.
  • Vent N Serve Set – round microwavable containers featuring a silicone valve to help the steam escape quicker upon reheating.

Other Tupperware products

  • Wonderlier / Bowl Maravilloso - colourful and round storage bowls.
  • FlatOut! / MiniMax / Go Flex / Compactware - flexible storage contains that can easily flatten when necessary.
  • Stuffables / Bungee - containers with flexible lids to allow more room in cases of overfilling.

When should you throw away Tupperware?

There is no specific time to dispose of your Tupperware. However, it is wise to throw away your containers when they become scratched or if they are out of shape. The quality of the plastic plays a significant role in determining how long you can use the Tupperware.

How can you tell if a Tupperware container is real?

All Tupperware parts come with the brand’s trademark logo and a code number, especially the seals and the bases. To ensure that you’re buying authentic containers, purchase them at Tupperware Singapore Service Centre or from your direct selling Tupperware distributors. Enquire the Tupperware dealer which parts are covered under the Tupperware lifetime warranty, so that you can get after-sales service from the same dealer should there be any faulty parts.