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Just like other electronic devices, LED TVs are subject to wear and tear. Check out the best LED TVs in Singapore below. If you want to keep your LED TV in mint condition, here are tips to keep in mind.

3 Years Local (Singapore) manufacturer warranty more Quantum Dot Technology / HDR 1000 360 Design Quadcore processor with WIFI BUILT IN Ultra Black Supreme UHD Dimming Smart Hub One Remote Control Auto Detection Curved design Immersive experience RESOLUTION (3840 X 2160P) 1 more offers from SGD 11,799 All items are covered under 100% Buyer Protection SELLER INFORMATION DELIVERY INFORMATION MORE INFORMATION PRICE SOLD & FULFILLED BY New Vision Electronics Pte Ltd Economy Delivery: Free Get by 2 TO 3 Workings More options available Satisfaction Guaranteed 3 Years Local (Singapore) manufacturer warranty more Cash on delivery not available FREE Mandatory Table Top... more SGD 11,799 ADD TO CART Product details of Samsung 78 UA78KS9000K DVB 4K Curved Smart LED TV Product details of Samsung 78 UA78KS9000K DVB 4K Curved Smart LED TV. Brightness Comes To you See the sunlight in its unseen details come to life right in the comfort of your own living room. Life-like Colour Experience Experience richer & more life-like colours with Samsung’s Eco-Friendly Quantum Dot technology. The SUHD TV displays 64 times* more colour expression compared to Samsung’s conventional UHD TVs to provide the most accurate and true-to-life images. *Comparing Samsung 2016 SUHD models to Samsung 2014 TV models. Stunning 360 design for unparalleled immersion The SUHD TV with its metallic contour and bezel-less frame, creates a boundless image that allows you to immerse deeper into the content. The minimalist stand and clean back are the essence of refined elegance and craftsmanship. Clear view with low reflection A nature-inspired Ultra Black technology uses Samsung’s unique Nano-scaled special patterns to absorb light thus significantly reducing reflection. Enjoy your TV even in a bright living room without any discomfort. Remaster your non-SUHD content Samsung's SUHD remastering engine automatically analyses and remasters non-SUHD content, so it can be displayed as close as possible to what's intended by the content creator. * Remastered picture quality will vary depending on the source resolution. Feel the Drama of Every Image Precision Black technology enhances contrast by optimising light emission, making everything you see more vivid and dramatic even with controlling of LED backlights on edge. Every detail in stunning 4K UHD resolution With four times the pixels of a Full HD TV, experience vivid details, superb contrast and vibrant colours with a Samsung UHD TV. Go deeper into your content Auto Depth Enhancer applies optimal level of contrast between different objects on the screen to give the image outstanding depth. Experience immersive viewing with pictures that come to life on your Samsung SUHD TV screen. Surround your senses The gentle arc on Samsung’s Curved SUHD TV enables you to be right in the middle of the action, providing a wider field of view and un Read more
*Prices updated on 19 Sep 2017

4 Tips for Taking Care of your LED TVs in Singapore

LED and OLED TVs often come with a hefty price tag. Thus, a lot of people do not want to spend too much on a TV only to have it replaced in less than a few years. To protect the longevity of your LED TV, here some tips that will make it a worthwhile investment.

Switch Off the TV When No One is Watching

Turning off the TV when no one is watching is a common-sense advice. However, many people leave their TV running all day as they forget to switch it off or simply use it as a background noise. With that, the LED TV is consuming electricity through its display while people are busy doing other things. Keep in mind that if you leave your TV running for 3 hours a day that is equivalent to more than 1000 hours a year. Some people even leave their TVs running for over 3 hours without watching them, resulting to more hours being wasted. That is why switching off the TV when nobody is watching is one of the most practical ways to protect its longevity. Not to mention, you can save a lot of money since the electricity bill will also be cheaper.

Fine-tune the brightness

If your home lighting is as brightly lit as a mall showroom, then there’s no need to keep its brightness at high levels. Do know that the average lifespan of LED TVs is around 100,000 hours. Thus, if you are running your TV at maximum brightness, it can easily reduce the 100,000 hours into 50,000 hours since it has to operate twice as much to keep up. So, when you purchase a LED TV, make sure to adjust its brightness. Brightness settings vary by brand but most have “film” or “home” settings that are bright enough. Some models also have “dark room” or medium room’ settings, which display brightness based on the room’s lighting. These settings not only keep the LED TV looking great but also increase its longevity.

Change the Contrast

Contrast is a setting on the LED TV that determines the difference between dark and bright colors. The LED TV consumes more power as you increase the contrast which in turn will reduce its longevity. Many LED TVs that are displayed in shops are set to “vivid” or “dynamic” as default options. Although either two works great in rooms with very bright lighting, it’s best to not keep the LED TV on these settings at home. Doing so will use up the LED lights faster. To lower power usage, set the settings to “standard” or “movie” to consume less energy, rather than selecting the “vivid” or dynamic” options.

Place it near a ventilation system

If you are watching LED TV for long periods, it uses up a lot of power in the home. As a result, it generates a substantial amount of heat which the ventilation system helps eliminate. But many people place their LED TV in areas that don’t have enough ventilation. Such high heat conditions affect the internal components of the LED TV, making its longevity become short-lived. Thus, you have to place it at least a few inches around the ventilation system to allow it to cool.

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