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Experience the wonders of home entertainment in the form of LED TVs! Have a look at the LED TVs here below!

LED TVs - Embrace & Enjoy The Wonders Of Home Entertainment Experience at iPrice Singapore

As the most popular TV type in the market, LED TV or light emitting diode TV can deliver excellent overall picture quality that is definitely pleasing to your eyes. In addition, LED TV is also popular because it is said to be a great choice for all lighting conditions, especially well-lit rooms. Thanks to its extremely thin and slim profile, you will find a LED TV to be a fine addition that can be placed anywhere in your viewing space.

Unleash The Power Of LED TVs at iPrice Singapore

Despite the popularity of LED TVs as many manufacturers are keen and eager to push their newer models of LED TVs, LED TV is not a strange acronym as LED TV is just an LCD TV that is backlit with light emitting diodes (LED) instead of your usual standard cold cathode fluorescent lights. Not only that, LED TV has been around for a period of time, contrary to the popular depiction of LED TV as the next new thing in television market. In addition, LED TVs are just like another branch of the LCD television family. Compared to plasma and OLED televisions that are categorised as emissive technologies, the LCD technology is actually a transmissive technology where each pixel has to be illuminated from behind or backlit.

In comparison with the standard fluorescent lights, LED TV operates with significantly lower power requirements and converts power to light more efficiently so that less is lost as heat. This also allows the conversion from power to light to be more focused in a way that can cause less light leakage as well. Inch for inch, LED TV boasts the most efficient flat panels that you can find in the market. If you make a comparison of all lighting technologies, you will find that LED technology actually lasts longer. Newer innovations have enabled the LED TV to be able to compete with plasma and OLED televisions.

Things That You Should Know When Buying LED TVs by iPrice Singapore

When it comes to choosing and buying a LED TV, the truth is that high resolution is not everything. In fact, it is often very difficult to evaluate and judge the performance of a LED TV without actually buying one and test it at home. Testing the potential of your LED TV can be very difficult even at home as the proper test of a television is actually based on everything from lighting to home environment. In other words, all of these factors do affect how you enjoy your LED TV.

As mentioned above, testing the specification sheet of a LED TV means nothing when you are unable to test the performance of a LED TV properly and thoroughly. You are encouraged to do your own research

by asking your friends that owned one, reading expert reviews and check with good tech magazines. Only then, you are able to make an informed decision to get the LED TV that you want.

There are different LED TV configurations which are full array, edge-lit and RGB LEDs. For full array LED television, the LEDs are actually positioned behind the panel similarly to the way they are with the standard CCFL or cold cathode fluorescent lights. The edge-lit LED television consists of white LEDs that are placed around the edge of the screen and a diffusion panel is used to illuminate the display evenly. For RGB LED television, the LEDs are situated behind the panel and this allows for truer reproduction of blacks and whites in the display screen.

Finally, you will not be able to enjoy the best picture quality from your LED TV if you do not set up your picture settings correctly. Learning how to calibrate your LED TV will definitely bring out the best of your LED TV. Once you have properly set up your picture settings, your LED TV will be optimised to deliver stunningly realistic images that will blow your mind!

Top LED TV Brands at iPrice SIngapore

As there is many manufacturers that produce LED TVs in the market, it is very difficult to choose a trusted LED TV brand. It is a good thing that we have made a list of established LED TV brands as the following; E-thinker, ENTV, Haier, Hisense and so on

Indulge Your Senses With LED TVs at iPrice Singapore

Let LED TV change the way you enjoy movies, gaming and other possibilities such as viewing your wedding or birthday pictures that you want to watch with your family and friends. The sleek and thin design profile of your LED TV will be adorning your beautiful room or living hall. Not only that, pair your LED TV with a powerful surround sound system to make your cinematic viewing to be the ultimate home entertainment.

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