Everybody's favorite card game, UNO is a simple, fun, and exciting way to spend a few minutes with your friends. Whether at a party or just hanging out with your friends and family, UNO cards would definitely spice up your night. Grab one of these UNO cards or read more about how to play UNO below.


Everything you Need to Know about UNO Cards

America's favorite card game, UNO is an entertaining and enjoyable game made for friends and family! If you haven't tried it, then the more reasons that you should play it with your friends. It's easy, it's fun!

How to Play UNO

Considered as one of the most popular card games today, UNO is a fun and simple way to pass the time. The main objective of the game is to get rid of all your cards before others do or better yet, make them draw more cards than they actually have! Here's how to play UNO:

Start the Game

When playing UNO, the first thing that you need to do is deal the cards. The dealer gives each player seven cards with the remainder being the draw pile. After that, turn over the first card of the draw pile to mark the discard pile. Players will stack their discarded cards in this area. The person sitting on the left side of the dealer will start the game.

Playing the Game

To start off the game, the first player must match his card to the card on the discard pile. For example, if the latest card on the pile is a red 8, then you have to get rid of a red card of any number or an 8 of any color. If you don't have any cards that pass the criteria, then you pick one from the draw pile. If you pick the card you need, you can discard it to match the card or if not, you lose your turn to the next person. If you have one card left on your deck, you have to yell "UNO!". If you don't and another player yells "UNO", you must pick two cards from the draw pile. This cycle continues on until someone loses all the cards on his hands.

Special cards

However, it's not going to be that easy. In a deck, there are Wild Cards, Skips, Reverse, and Draw cards that a player can use to their advantage. This adds a little excitement to every UNO game you play.

  • Wild Card - If you get a wild card on your hand, you can change the color of your play. For example. If the card on top of the discard pile shows blue 4, and you have a bunch of yellows on your hand, you can play a wild card to change it to yellow.
  • Skip Card - This card allows you to skip the person next to you and unto the next, following the cycle.
  • Reverse Card - A reverse card is quite simple: instead of following the cycle to the left, the turn will go to your right. To put it simply, the game can go from clockwise to counter-clockwise with this card.
  • Draw 2 - This means, the player next to you would have to draw two cards from the draw pile.
  • Wild Draw 4 - If you play this card, not only will you be able to change the color, the person next to you would have to draw 4 cards from the deck.

UNO Point System

Like any other card game, a standard point system is followed in a game of UNO. If you win the game with no cards left on your hand, your points are based on how much your opponents have. Here's a quick guide to help you out:

Number cards: Face value

Non-wild word cards: 20 points

Wild Cards: 50 points

The first person to reach 500 points wins the game!

Speed UNO

Aside from having a great selection of themes and versions of the card game, there's also speed UNO which uses the same concept as the standard game but has a different set of rules. First off, Speed UNO is played with a minimum of 4-5 players using two decks. One deck is added if you want to include more 4 or 5 people.

Starting the game is pretty much the same with UNO; you start out with seven cards and match it to the discard pile. However, if you don't find any cards in your hand to match it, you must draw as many cards as you can until you do. If you have an exact match to the draw pile, you don't have to wait your turn and discard it, skipping the people before you.

UNO is a great game meant to be enjoyed by friends and family; just don't get carried away with it! Check out other board games you can play online such as Monopoly, Poker Cards, and so much more!

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