Outerwear provides you with the best protection in any climate or environment and with Vans jackets in Singapore, you can find the best styles that suit you.

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Vans Jackets in Singapore - Every Skateboarders Choice

Many know Vans for their rubber sole shoes that became the most popular choice for skaters as it was made to grip well on a skateboard. Vans are not only known to excel in their footwear but also in their apparel, as it is known to being effortlessly cool while maintaining all of the design qualities needed to be used as a sportswear. As part of their apparel collection, the brand brings you a great selection of Vans jackets in Singapore. The most popular style of Vans jackets in Singapore are the turtleneck, vest, and bomber.

Vans Lightweight Jackets

These types of jackets are typically known as spring jackets as it offers just enough protection against rain, wind and other environmental factors. It is a great weather gear without the added bulk of a winter coat. Check out below at some of the lightweight jackets that Vans in Singapore has to offer.

Vans Black Button Down Jacket

This simplistic jacket is designed to make you look like a coach of a sports team with the branding printed along the chest area. Details such as the elasticated cuffs, slit pockets, and the adjustable hem with drawstring give you just enough protection in cooler weather situations.

Vans Exeter Twill Shirt Jacket

A jacket that is made to look like a shirt that can be worn as an outerwear or on its own. The Vans Exeter Twill Shirt Jacket helps you to safe keep your money, hand phone, and other items with its four functional pockets.

Vans Turnstall Camp Parka Jacket

With this Vans jacket, you can look like a military sergeant with its camouflage style design. This oversized jacket is windproof and comes with a hoodie to provide an even fuller coverage.

Vans Heavyweight Jackets

Vans M Mixter II

Made with techno fabric, it enhances the technical and cool look of the jacket. The turtleneck style and inner padding of the jacket will give you ultimate comfort and warmth throughout the day.

Vans Talvara Camo Jacket

The camouflage design seems like a recurring theme for Vans jackets in Singapore. The jacket comes with a woven canvas with fleck as well as padding for the added warmth.

Vans Hargill Borg Collar Jacket

The key feature to this jacket is the borg (faux sheepskin-like material) collar and lining. Typically, anything that is borg lined is super warm due to its heat generating and retaining properties. In addition, the dark shade of the denim gives off a rugged feel.

Outerwear for your sporty needs

Although many know Vans as a brand that caters to skaters, it also produces apparel for other extreme sports such as motorcross, snowboard, and surfing. So whether you are going about your day to day activities or riding a bike around town, complement Vans jackets in Singapore with other Vans products such as hats, shirts, pants and sunglasses.