Often times, people purchase luxury brands for the name, but there are many other reasons that opt them to choose high-end products compared to low-end products. Whatever your reason is, you can get the best products with Versace Singapore. Click here and learn how to get the best with the brand.


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Kim Kardashian Channels Silver Jessica Rabbit in this Versace Dress

Kim Kardashian always has a way of attracting the crowd and this Versace dress is one of them. A little bit late for New York Fashion Week but quoting Julie Andrews' character Queen Clarisse in Princess Diaries "A queen is never late, everyone else is simply early". And boy did she make the red carpet look like a catwalk for Versace.

Top Versace Price List 2019

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Versace Blue Jeans S$ 26.50 LazMall by Lazada
Versace Dreamer S$ 88.30 Lazada
Versace Man Eau Fraiche S$ 15.02 Jomashop
Versace Versense S$ 59.00 Shopee
Versace Pour Homme Oud Noir S$ 68.00 Qoo10
Versace Blue Jeans 75ml S$ 55.43 Beauty Expert
Versace Bright Crystal Absolu S$ 60.00 Qoo10
Versace Versense 50ml S$ 98.39 Strawberrynet
Versace Bright Crystal Absolu 50ml S$ 110.86 Harvey Nichols
Versace Knee length skirts S$ 215.94 YOOX
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Versace Blue Jeans

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Top 3 Versace combinations women need to have

Albeit being a luxury brand, Versace has a list of casual to formal clothing to suit your everyday lifestyle. The good thing about Versace Malaysia is that they offer an array of products for you to create your perfect combination. So, here are 3 Versace combinations you need to have.

Office look

Dress codes in offices are often formal but it also really depends on the company. Depending on your style, Versace Malaysia has your work wear covered.


Tops: Versace is best known for their loud and avant-garde patterns; however there are always ways to pull-off prints without having to violate the dress code. If you prefer to stick to safer styles, you may pick Versace collared-shirts that are in solid colours (orange, pink, white, yellow). Donning a collared shirt is the simplest way to make anyone look smart. Collared shirts do not always have to be your first choice to look smart at work. You can always opt for Versace dresses or blouses and look well-dressed for work.


Bags: We all know that bags are every woman’s favourite accessory. Bags are necessary work-accessories as we spend more than half-a-day at work and it is required because it is a place where we can put all our necessities. Whether you prefer to put your purse, makeup bag or laptop, you can never go wrong with a Versace bags.

Watches: There are many reasons people wear a watch, but it usually symbolizes that you value the importance of time or you have somewhere to be. Versace watches have an air of elegance as well as sophistication to it which is perfect not only for work but other occasions as well.


Eau de toilette: Lighter scents are preferable at a workplace as you do not want your perfume to overpower the whole office. Versace Bright Crystal and Versace Red Jeans are two of the perfumes with fresh, sensual blends.

Street look

Streetwear is typically centered on casual, comfortable pieces which are heavily influenced by hip-hop and skateboarding culture. It often features bold colours, graphic prints, and retro designs and logos. There are no strict rules to street style as it is always changing.


Tops: Layering is part of looking good in street wear. The simplest way to do so is to stick with all kinds of jackets. The standard street style jackets would be bombers, denim, military-style or coach. Other than that, hoodies are also commonly worn. Blazers are not your typical streetwear style as it is considered formal; however you can pair it off with a T-shirt under it. Most importantly, part of the streetwear culture is to wear your brand with pride, so pick the outerwear with the biggest Versace logo!

Bottoms: Jeans are synonymous with street style as it has a rugged feel to it that blends well with the whole look. If you want to perfect the look, Versace has various styles of high-waisted and skinny jeans with detailing such as zip-pockets and studs that will enhance the overall look. Always be reminded to pick jeans that are best suited to your body shape. To make the look even more casual, go for comfy track pants or joggers.


Sunglasses: Shades are versatile especially with Versace and can blend in with your outfit quite well. Generally, it would be best to stick with solid coloured sunglasses whether it is all white or gold.


Sneakers: The type of style and design of your footwear you choose may make or break your outfit. When in doubt, pick the sneaker that would best suit the skate culture. There are many high-top styles available with Versace, versatility is essential, so it is best to go with classic colours such as black and white.

Resort Wear

Resort wear is clothing that is designed to be worn on vacation where it is has a warmer weather climate. For women, this typically means lightweight and flowy clothing.


Dresses: It would only be ideal to choose sleeveless wear when basking in the sun. Versace has an array of relaxed wear such as maxi and short dresses. There are various Versace gowns that fit loosely on the body, perfect for an evening dinner by the beach.

Swimwear: Look stylish as you hit the beach with Versace cover-ups such as mini-skirts and long beach pants. Moreover, be the envy of everyone at the beach with Versace bikinis that are designed with unique prints.


Sandals: Sandals are essential for resort wear as most of the time will be spent on the beach. Choose a range of Versace thong sandals that come in different colours.