The biggest name in Italian fashion – Versace is now here in Singapore with styles for men and women. Find out how you can dress to kill with Versace clothing here.

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Dress to kill with these Versace clothing in Singapore

Versace – the top Italian fashion label. Famous for its logo taken from the Greek mythological figure Medusa, Versace is a name known for a unique clothing collection. The reason for this is the striking colors and abstract motifs used in each design.

Dress to kill with Versace’s signature styling from head to toe. Hollywood celebrities do exactly this with tailor-made Versace dresses to not only compliment their figure but make them the highlight of the red carpet. You too can have this flair.

Versace dresses make you the highlight of the night

The beauty of Versace dresses is the ability to make you look prominent, making you the center of attention. As a high-fashion label, Versace dresses are not the average-priced clothing you find at retail outlets. Most of Versace’s line-up comes with a large price tag. This is literally the price you pay for the limelight. Fortunately, Versace dresses in Singapore are now affordable with online shopping. Here are of Versace’s premium varieties you might want to look into:

  • Versace Black Beaded Epaulet Dress
  • Versace Navy Parachute Dress
  • Versace Black Cady Medusa Shift Dress
  • Versace Navy Bodycon Dress

Flexible styling with Versace clothing for men

If you thought Versace was only for women, you thought wrong. Versace features dapper formal wear for men along with a huge variety of streetwear high-fashion. Versace shirts are made to aspire confidence at the office and when attending semi-formal and formal events. A wide range of Versace shirts such as polo shirts, sleeveless shirts and short sleeved shirts for men can be paired along with this versatile fashion brand. If flashy is not your forte, you can find simple Versace shirts feature a plain design or a single colour. Here are some choices you might be interested in:

  • Versace Animal Print Shirt
  • Versace Printed Long/Short Sleeve Shirts
  • Versace Floral Print Shirt
  • Versace Knitwear Sweater

Pair Versace jackets along with jeans to bring out your signature fashion

To look more stylish, complete your appearance with Versace with sweaters, jackets, hoodies, and sweatshirts. Try out the Versace Jeans Frame Lion Multi Print Zip Through Hoodie or the Versace Jeans Longline Sweatshirt Jumper in Graffiti Print Multi for a style upgrade. Match your Versace shirt with Versace jeans to bring out the cool look.

Ultimately, you can mix and match all your Versace outfits without going wrong. In addition to the Versace varieties we’ve mentioned, check out the huge line-up of other Versace products in the high-fashion industry such as Versace accessories, scarves, swimwear, and underwear. Shop for all these online and you can get premium Italian fashionwear at a fraction of the cost.

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