Begin your life's adventure with the one thing that represent Switzerland's best features, the Swiss Army knife, from the maker of the original Swiss knife, Victorinox. Founded in 1884, Victorinox is now a prominent international brand that produces the universally popular tool and it is a must -have piece of kit for adventurers around the world. So, whenever you are travelling around the globe, bring the classically styled Swiss Army pocket knife along, because as the tag-line of Victorinox says, it is "always useful. Victorinox."


The history of the Swiss heritage brand

Victorinox, the global brand that produces the iconic product for the Swiss, the Swiss Army knives has an interesting history. It all started when the founder of cutlery's workshop, Karl Elsener developed the idea to create a utility pocket knife that works more than just a knife. Thus, the first Swiss Army pocket knife, equipped with a blade, can opener, reamer and a screwdriver were invented in a small village of Ibach, Switzerland. The first batch of knives were sold to the Swiss Armies as the knives created by Elsener is perfect for the Swiss Armies to use to disassemble and clean the Swiss service rifle, "the Schmidt-Rubin".

The brand's name "Victorinox" is a combination of Elsener's mother name, whom he named the company "Victoria" in her honor. The word inox is a short form for stainless steel, "acier inoxydable" in French.
With the insertion of "inox" into their products, the brand and name of the company became the current Victorinox. In 2005, Victorinox obtained Wenger, the other authentic supplier of the Swiss Army knife and merged the separate brands into one brand, Victorinox. The joint collaboration between these two brands will eliminate repetition in the product range, meeting the increased market demand, and boost its competitive position internationally.

Today, Victorinox has produced various models of the famous Swiss Army knives with new features included in the pocket knives to suit today's consumer lifestyles and needs. In addition to utility knives, Victorinox produces other products such as household and professional knives, cutleries, watches, travel gear, luggage, apparel for men and women, Swiss cards and fragrances, internationally.

Each product produced by Victorinox represents Swiss quality and innovative spirit. Till today, the pocket knives are still produced in only two original factories in Switzerland, and each day, over 34,000 of these pocket knives leaves the factory, after undergoing seamless quality controls before exporting to over 100 different countries and serves as representatives for Switzerland.

The iconic emblem of the Swiss knives.

The famous emblem on the Swiss knife, the cross in the shield has been used since 1909. The red color on the emblem is the standard color for all pocket knives and it emphasizes Swiss heritage, with that unique red handle and a motif combining the Swiss flag with a shield, which symbolizes the Swiss Army band. The emblem represents the same design ethos and precision that goes well with another of Switzerland's famous strengths, watch making.

Did you know?

The first Swiss army knife was first used to open canned food and disassemble a rifle. But how well do you know about the original Swiss Army knife brand, Victorinox?

  • The largest model ever produced by Victorinox is the "Swisschamp" which has 33 features and it requires 450 steps to manufacture this model.

  • Victorinox was featured on a season six episode of the television series, Ultimate Factories or also known as Megafactories.

  • Victorinox has its own visitor center, located in Brunnen to allow visitors to experience the interactive exhibition in the museum and introduce the history of the Swiss heritage to the visitors.

  • Victorinox opens its second flagship store in Renweg 58, Zurich on October 3, 2014.

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