Possessing remarkable expertise in producing visual technology products, ViewSonic is an amazing brand that you should get when you desire a true, tantalizing viewing experience. Read more about ViewSonic Singapore below to find out.


ViewSonic Singapore – See the Difference

Despite the growing numbers of visual technology based products, it is not that hard to see the real difference in terms of quality. Needless to say, ViewSonic is not joking when it boasts that it is able to offer high quality CRT monitors, liquid crystal displays (LCD), projectors, plasma displays, HDTV technology, mobile products and others. Basically, it is safe to say that you will be enjoying such pleasant experience when you are using ViewSonic products. Most importantly, ViewSonic takes great pleasure in ensuring that you immerse in its proud visual technology.

The Humble Story of ViewSonic Singapore

Initially, ViewSonic was known as Keypoint Technology Corporation. It was founded by James Chu in 1987. After three years, it subsequently launched its own line of color computer monitors. When its color computer monitors had been received with much enthusiasm, it then rebranded itself as Viewsonic. During the 1990s, ViewSonic emerged as one of the most popular computer CRT monitors in the market. Most importantly, its reputation was so great that it could be compared with the giants with the likes of NEC, Sony, MAG Innovision and Panasonic.

The year 2000 saw the ViewSonic's acquisition of Nokia Display Products' branded business. This was seen as the next important development of ViewSonic in furthering its technology and expertise. Not only that, it also meant that ViewSonic planned to enhance its capabilities in order to design and develop better products that could make the real difference. Since then, ViewSonic proudly embarked on its journey of providing high quality products that meet and fulfil the demands of its growing numbers of customers.

Over 25 Years of Innovation - Challenging Your Views

From its humble roots, ViewSonic has grown to be one of the most innovative brands that challenge the established rules. Committed in developing and designing products that fulfil the demands of being affordable and powerful at the same time, ViewSonic spends a lot of time and energy in making sure that its products can deliver exceptional performance that exceeds even the expectations of their customers. Not just that, ViewSonic also emphasizes user experience so that its customers can use them effortlessly.

Popular ViewSonic Singapore Products that you should Get

ViewSonic Monitors

Thanks to the technology in ViewSonic monitors, you will be thrilled to discover that you can experience the best form and function for entertainment and gaming. Boasting crystal-clear images, these monitors enable you to enjoy the true immersion whenever you are watching or playing. Not just that, it is incredible that they can deliver stunning visuals that will blow your mind away. In terms of clarity, details and colors, the ViewSonic monitors get everything covered so that you can just sit tight and witness their gorgeous display quality.

ViewSonic Projectors

Delivering breathtaking images, the ViewSonic projectors are usually groundbreaking designs that perform well so that you can immerse in their beautiful projections. Not only that, their projectors also feature fill-the-room sound capabilities, cleverly concealed media dongles and others. Basically, your ViewSonic projectors can offer so many things that make up for a complete tantalizing visual experience. As you can see, these projectors contain many features which can fit your environment.

ViewSonic Desktop Virtualization

Incorporating specialized technology from Intel, Microsoft, Teradici and TI, the ViewSonic desktop virtualization has been designed to deliver the computing power that you need. Not only that, the ViewSonic desktop virtualization is also certified by all major platform players. When it comes to executing efficient centralized control for your entire client network and out-of-the-box implementation, the ViewSonic desktop virtualization can fulfil your demands with relative ease.

Immerse in a Fantastic Viewing Experience with ViewSonic Singapore

With the powerful technology from ViewSonic, you can expect fantastic viewing experience that can take your senses to greater heights. In addition, it wants you to embrace the real potential of digital revolution by incorporating the latest technology and innovation so that you can keep up with the next generation visual power.