Considered as the top tier of undergarment brands, Wacoal Singapore gives you a selection of bras from their best underwear collections. Comfortable and stylish, Wacoal has been creating undergarments for 67 years. Check out our selection of available Wacoal bras in Singapore or read more about the brand.


Accentuate your Body with Wacoal Bras in Singapore

When it comes to bras and other undergarments, nothing beats Wacoal Singapore in terms of style and comfort. Considered as a premium brand, Wacoal sets the notch higher with their exciting new collections, designs, and innovative material technology. Established in 1949 by Koichi Tsukamoto, Wacoal aims to provide the best and most flattering undergarments for women. Among their best products include bras as well as panties and intimate lingerie.

What makes Wacoal Bras Different

Top Quality Brand

If you pay close attention to the garments that you wear on your intimates, then you would know that Wacoal is simply the best. Their exciting collection of bras are made with strong yet comfortable and stretchable fabric that provides comfort. Prioritizing comfort, Wacoal bras guarantee quality that would last for years.

Extra Comfortable

Compared to other brands, Wacoal bras are extra comfortable. Combined with cutting edge material technology, Wacoal makes undergarments using soft, stretchable, and breathable materials and combining them with premium design that would result in the most comfortable pair of bra you could ever own.

Huge Selection of Styles

Another thing that makes a Wacoal bra an amazing undergarment is their excellent selection of styles available. You can choose between full figure bras, push up bras, strapless bras, wire-free bras, as well as bralettes and more! Regardless of your size, you would find the right bra for your lifestyle.

How to Choose the Right Wacoal Bra

Find the Right Bra Size

Before choosing a bra, you need to first find out what size are you in. Bra sizes are often named as “32B, 38C, etc.”, with the number being the band size, and the letter being the cup size. Measure the band and bust size then subtract the band from the bust. The difference is your cup size. Using the chart below, you can determine which cup size you have.

1 inch

A cup

2 inches

B cup

3 inches

C cup

4 inches

D cup

5 inches

DD cup

Now combine the band size to the corresponding cup and you get your size. However, some band size may not correspond to your cup. The band size is much more important than the cup size.

Ensure the Right Fit

Make sure that the bra is comfortable in all ways possible such as the bands and straps. Adjust them accordingly and make sure that you don’t feel any discomfort or pain when putting it on.

Choose the Appropriate Style

The right style usually corresponds to the outfit that you are going to wear. Surely enough, you wouldn’t want your bra to be peeking out of your plunging neckline or while wearing a sleeveless top or dress.

Go on a shopping spree and reward yourself with a new Wacoal bra! Choose from our selection above or read morea about other brands such as Triumph, Calvin Klein, Xixili and so much more!

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