Though invisible to our naked eyes, bacteria can be found everywhere even on our clothes. This is why laundry detergent is needed to wash off dirt, remove odour, and eliminate pathogens that may pose risks to our health. Learn more about Walch detergent to know how it does all of those at once in a laundry cycle.


A Guide to Buying Walch Laundry Products for Your Home

Walch Concentrated Detergent

Besides removing stubborn stains and dirt on fabric, this antibacterial concentrated detergent softens and freshens laundry with an aromatically fresh fragrance. Contrary to detergents that contain detrimental chemical substances, the Walch Concentrated Detergent is gentle on the skin. Being sensitive-skin-friendly, it is safe to be used as a baby laundry detergent. Even after multiple washes, the colour of your fabric will remain vibrant, keeping the fabric quality ever-lasting.

Ka Laundry Capsule

While laundry capsules aren’t fully popularised in Singapore, they are much more convenient to use as no manual measurement is needed. Use one laundry capsule for a load weighing between 2.5kg and 6kg, and two capsules for a larger load weighing more than 7kg. Ka laundry capsules are water-soluble, meaning that they dissolve in no time once the water starts running in the laundry machine. Moreover, they are ultra-portable for long travels and nomadic lifestyles. Simply pop a few capsules in one small bottle and pack it in the luggage, and you’re good to go!

Ar Fum Laundry Capsule

Directly imported and made in Japan, Ar Fum laundry capsules emit a fresh scent and cleans your fabric thoroughly. With 50 pods per pack, this product can last for about a year if the laundry is done weekly. Costing less than S$30 per pack, it is well worth every single penny spent as you will be saving some cost on laundry detergent in the long run. The Ar Fum pack is available in two scents - Pink Love and Lavender Serenity.

Seika 4-in-1 Laundry Capsule Detergent

Made with all-new Japan technology, the Seika detergent doubles as a softener to maintain the softness of your fabric. No additional softener is needed in the wash cycle when you use this capsule. Seika capsules contain up to 92% of active cleansing chemicals and are said to be 8 times more effective in cleaning the clothes thoroughly than normal detergents. Besides having antibacterial properties, the capsules smell divine. Rest assured that your clothes will be odour-free with this Seika product!

Do keep in mind that laundry capsules are to be put directly into the drum and not in the detergent drawer to prevent clogging.

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