Carrying contemporary Scandinavian and minimalist vibes, Wihardja specialises in manufacturing solid wood furniture made from teak and suar with nature lovers in mind. From study tables and TV consoles to dining tables and bunk beds, Wihardja has a furniture piece to suit everyone’s home decor needs. Wihardja furniture aims to bring you closer to nature while allowing you to appreciate the natural beauty in wood. Learn more about Wihardja Singapore below!

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Types of Woods Used in Wihardja Furniture

Suar Wood

Originated from South Mexico, Peru and Brazil, the cultivation of suar wood has been put into practice in Southeast Asian countries like Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and others throughout many decades. The hardwood is most commonly used in crafting both budget and superior quality furniture pieces as it’s one of the most durable and affordable woods.

Suar wood comes from a big tree with a large symmetrical crown. Easily cultivated and grown, the tree can be seen almost anywhere, leading to high demand for suar wood in the furniture-making industry. What makes suar wood so special is its distinctive colours in each layer, resulting in a unique design and texture. Suar wood is also a popular choice for carving and sculpture making, so you can easily find carvings on the Wihardja display cabinet. Suar wood can be made into tables, stands, benches, chest drawers, mirror frames, twisted stools, and many more.

Teak Wood

As with suar wood, teak wood is a hardwood sourced from a tree native to the tropics, namely Tectona grandis. While furniture made from teak wood tends to fall under the premium price category, many appreciate the durability and natural weather resistance of teak furniture. Teak wood was used as ship wood during the Dutch colonial period in Indonesia by virtue of its ability to stave off dry rot.

What sets teak apart from many kinds of woods is its ability to retain oils and rubber even after being processed. This contributes to teak’s great weather resistance as the oils and rubber help to weatherproof the wood when it gets dried. Besides weatherproofing, the oils and rubber can prevent the growth of fungi and parasites in the core of the wood. All of this explains why teak is generally used in outdoor furniture like patio sets, benches, and swings.

The prices of Wihardja furniture can vary depending on the design, material, construction, build and features.