Xiaomi is a China-based company that specialises in creating affordable and easily accessible hardware, software, and internet services. Although the company is considered a newbie in the technology industry, Xiaomi has managed to solidify its reputation as a reliable provider of technology products and services. Read more about Xiaomi Singapore and the company’s noteworthy products below.

Where to buy Xiaomi in Singapore? | Is it okay to charge Xiaomi overnight? | Do Xiaomi phones last long?


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Making a name for yourself in the ever-competitive technology industry is not an easy feat to achieve. Xiaomi Singapore has managed to take the industry by storm with its commitment to making technology accessible to everyone by creating high-tech products at affordable prices. Despite being marketed at prices much lower than many of their counterparts, Xiaomi products are nonetheless reliable, and their quality is comparable to devices in higher-end price brackets.

Xiaomi store Singapore has a wide selection of products to offer to its consumers, ranging from smartphones, portable chargers, accessories, and so much more. Below is a comprehensive description of Xiaomi’s products:

Xiaomi Smartphones

In 2014 – four years since the company’s inception, Xiaomi had managed to sell over 61 million smartphones globally. Since then, the company has continued to leverage on the momentum, and its smartphone sales continue to be impressive for the subsequent years. Xiaomi ensures that they are able to fully satisfy the needs of its consumers by providing smartphones across all price ranges, from low-end devices to flagships. What makes Xiaomi Singapore so popular is their ability to provide premium quality smartphones with flagship-level specs at prices much lower than other brands in the market.

Besides delivering a performance that exceeds expectations, Xiaomi’s smartphones are also known to sport a professional and classy design, even for the devices that are in the lower tiers. Xiaomi’s smartphones can be divided into three series – the Mi series, Redmi series and Pocophone series. Some of the best Xiaomi phones in Singapore include the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro, Xiaomi Black Shark 3, Redmi Note 9, and more.

Xiaomi Portable Chargers

Besides smartphones, Xiaomi is also popular worldwide for their portable chargers, also known as power banks. Singaporeans are also big fans of Xiaomi power banks due to their professional-looking design and reliable performance. Consumers can choose from three power options – 5,000mAh, 10,000mAh, and 16,000mAh – and a variety of colours. Xiaomi’s portable chargers are also compatible with smartphones and tablets from various brands like Mi, Apple, Samsung, HTC, Google, as well as a wide array of digital cameras and handheld gaming devices.

Moreover, these mobile chargers are also equipped with cutting-edge technology that helps to increase the efficiency of the device. They also have advanced security features such as temperature resistance, short circuit protection, overvoltage protection, et cetera.

Xiaomi Audio Devices

Furthermore, Xiaomi also manufactures audio accessories that deliver superior sound quality, including headphones, earphones, and Bluetooth speakers. Like other Xiaomi products, these audio devices come with advanced technology to ensure that they can deliver optimal audio quality to consumers. Audiophiles will love the portability of the headphones and Bluetooth speakers as they will be able to enjoy their favourite music wherever they go. Their headphones and earphones are designed to fit perfectly in your ears, providing you with the ultimate comfort.

Mi Accessories and Smart Devices

As a company that places a high emphasis on innovation, Xiaomi constantly manufactures smart devices that help make our lives better. Staying true to Xiaomi’s corporate values, these smart devices feature the latest technology yet are marketed at affordable prices so that everyone will be able to benefit from them. Xiaomi’s range of smart devices include:

Mi Band

Xiaomi introduced its own version of fitness trackers in the form of the Mi Band. The Mi Band is equipped with features such as pedometers, heart rate trackers, and sleep trackers to help you monitor your daily activity levels and maintain a healthy lifestyle despite your hectic schedule. Moreover, they can also be synced with your smartphone so that you can receive messages, calls, and notifications without needing to physically access your device.

Mi Air Purifier

Looking at Xiaomi’s inventory thus far, you might not see this product coming. Xiaomi has added its very own air purifiers into the mix, providing you and your family with healthier air to breathe. The air purifier needs just 10 minutes to purify the air of your home. The powerful aerodynamic pressure system in the air filter that spreads the clean air effectively to all corners of the designated space. Moreover, these air filters can also be controlled remotely via your smartphone while you are away from home.

Mi Smart Scale

The Mi Smart Scale can measure the smallest weight changes with high precision with half the error margin that of conventional weighing scales. The scales provide three types of measurements – kilograms, pounds, and catties. The scale can also be synced with the Mi Fit app that allows users to track any changes in their weight and also adjust exercise regimes based on your body’s BMI measurements.

Mi Action Camera 4K

As the budget-friendly version of GoPro camera, the Mi Action Camera 4K can capture 3840×2160 high-resolution photos or shoot 4K videos at 30fps -- the equivalent of cinema-level quality. It also features several shooting modes including time-lapse, slow motion, exposure delay, and high-speed burst. When you’re out partaking in adventurous activities, this is the camera that will record all your thrilling moments.

FAQs on Xiaomi Singapore

Where to buy Xiaomi in Singapore?

In Singapore, Xiaomi Store is the number one place you can visit to purchase Xiaomi products as the staff will be able to assist you based on your needs. In addition, you may be able to get some freebies that come with your purchase if you’re in luck. Another option of purchasing Xiaomi products is through online shopping. Shopee and Lazada can be found with a variety of technology items, accessories and house appliances by Xiaomi. Besides, you can compare the prices and specs of popular Xiaomi products on iPrice Singapore to help you make the best decision!

Is it okay to charge Xiaomi overnight?

It is alright to charge a Xiaomi phone overnight as smartphones these days automatically stop receiving power when their battery is fully recharged. The only thing to keep in mind to prevent any accident is to use the official charger rather than a knock-off charger whose fluctuation of voltage can damage the charger port as well as the phone battery.

Do Xiaomi phones last long?

In terms of durability, most Xiaomi phones can last at least 2 years on average. However, do expect some lagging issues and minor hardware defects if the phone has experienced long-term heavy usage. When choosing a Xiaomi phone for long-term use, it is better to go for the brand’s flagship phones such as Xiaomi Mi Note 10 and Mi 10 or gaming phones like Black Shark 3 and Black Shark 2.

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Aside from smartphones and tablets, Xiaomi manufactures air purifiers, fans, home security products, weighing scales, car accessories, medical thermometers, gaming products, and many more! Check them out here at iPrice Singapore.