Sweeping off dust and dirt in our home can be a time-consuming house chore. What if we have a robotic vacuum cleaner that does all the cleaning for us? Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with smart features that can help clean every nook and cranny of your house with ease. Learn more about the best Xiaomi robot vacuums below!

What does the Xiaomi Mi Home app do? | Is Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner good? | Is Xiaomi Roborock better than Roomba?


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Buying Guide: Best Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner in Singapore

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum

Being one of the best robot vacuum cleaners in the market, the Xiaomi Mi Robot vacuum is engineered with 12 sensors that guide its movements following its Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping algorithm that aids in understanding the layout of the owner’s home and furniture. A noteworthy sensor is the Laser Distance Sensor (LDS) which has a 360-degree view that can scan up to 1800 times per second. With those sensors for intelligent path planning, the smart vacuum is intelligent enough to not collide into objects or walls easily, which may otherwise cause damage to itself.

Aside from that, the Mi Robot’s powerful motor that delivers up to 1800Pa in air pressure ensures powerful suction - which means all forms of dirt, rubbish, or hair on the floor can get sucked up efficiently. When its battery is running out, it will go back to the charging dock by itself and resume its job after reaching 80% battery capacity. With the Mi Robot, there’s very low maintenance involved as the only cleaning task required is lifting the lid and disposing of the accumulated rubbish.

Xiaomi MiJia Roborock 2 White

While many vacuum cleaners out there can only absorb dirt and dust, the Xiaomi MiJia Roborock 2 White takes the chore up a level by offering a mopping function that keeps your home sparkling clean. This is an advanced edition of the Mi Robot with additional overhauls and add-ons, such as a 280ml water tank that carries a sufficient amount of water for cleaning a 700sqft apartment over 3 times or a 2600sqft home all at once.

You may control the water level via the MiJia app. Since the robot can remember places it has been to, it will shut off the water tank when it goes back to areas that have been mopped. Once it finishes mopping, the robot will automatically turn off the water leaking to allow the mop to dry while returning to the charging dock.

Thanks to its modified movements, the vacuum cleaner will navigate your house while avoiding obstructions and obstacles within a 2cm distance so that it can perform cleaning tasks seamlessly. In terms of the motor, It comes with a robust 2000Pa suction power as well as an anti-hair protection system. That means the Roborock 2 can suction all the fur shed by your pets with no problem. It houses a massive 5200 mAh Li-ion battery that keeps the cleaner active for up to 2.5 hours before needing a recharge. Furthermore, it’s covered by a 1-year warranty, so rest assured this intelligent robot vacuum cleaner can stand the test of time. Forget about using a mop and broom when you have the Roborock 2 at home!

Xiaomi Roborock S6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Regarded as the best robotic vacuum cleaner that’s capable of sweeping and mopping at the same time, this model has unparalleled features and accurate mapping functionality. Fitted with a high-precision laser navigation system spinning at 300 times per minute, it maps your living space in real-time. Its suction power is so strong that it can suck up all the dirt and dust particles on carpet floors. When this Xiaomi device reaches an uneven surface, it will adjust its suction power automatically for optimum efficiency and efficacy.

Other than its sleek and solid build, you will be amazed by how quiet it is when performing cleaning tasks. In fact, its noise level is only 50dB, which is 50% quieter than the S5, so you don’t have to worry about disturbing your neighbours during the day. For a 1615sqft apartment, it will finish cleaning the entire floor within 50 minutes. Even if your house is larger than that, the vacuum can do continuous cleaning for 3 hours at one go. Simply sync it to your Mi Home app (essentially your remote control) to adjust its cleaning function, or leverage its voice control feature via Alexa or Google Home.

What does the Xiaomi Mi Home app do?

The Mi Home mobile application allows you to set cleaning schedules, toggle Do Not Disturb mode and set its DND schedule - which essentially shuts down the vacuum for that predetermined time; define virtual walls and restricted areas, and install firmware updates for the device. In addition, Mi Home also provides data including the cleaning area and duration, and the exact battery level of the device. The best part about Mi Home is its remote control mode that puts directional controls on the phone screen and the device can respond immediately to these controls.

Is Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner good?

When it comes to robot vacuum cleaners, Xiaomi is one of the trusted brands among consumers who are fans of smart home technology. Xiaomi Mi robot vacuum cleaners and Roborock cleaners are great assistants that help to clean your home while you’re busy tackling other jobs. Thus, it’s ideal for housewives and hustlers who can rarely find time for mundane chores.

On top of that, Xiaomi vacuum cleaners are made of high-grade material and come with advanced features that are impressive as far as technology goes. Once the vacuum cleaner is connected to Wi-Fi, it can be controlled via a mobile app with no fuss. Aside from being covered by a 1-year warranty, it is also available at a reasonable price online.

Is Xiaomi Roborock better than Roomba?

In general, Roomba vacuum cleaner is built with great technology in suctioning and raw cleaning power, while Xiaomi Roborock models have better navigation and 2-in-1 vacuums that come with a mopping function aside from suctioning particles.

Where can I buy a Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner in Singapore?

You can purchase Xiaomi's robot vacuum cleaner online via trusted stores such as Amazon, Lazada, Qoo10, and Shopee.