Xiaomi power banks are one of the most reliable and affordable power banks ever made. Although they are affordable, the components used in the power banks are not of low-cost productions; they use only the highest of quality materials from more recognized electronics manufacturers such as LG, Panasonic, and Samsung.


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Xiaomi power bank Singapore

Xiaomi is a Chinese electronics and smartphone manufacturer that was found in China by founder Lei Jun in 2010. The relatively new electronics company is well known for its production and marketing of low-costing smartphones with high specifications in the Asian region such as the legendary Xiaomi Mi3. Besides smartphones however, they also produce many other electronic products such as general electrical products such as air purifier or sound bars, and also products that complement their smartphones such as earphones and headphones, Bluetooth speakers, and power banks.

Xiaomi's fantastic power banks

One would say power banks that are priced too good to be true might be unsafe as it could contain very low cost components that could short circuit – or worse, explode! Xiaomi, however, is a company that is able to break that retrospective belief. They are quite possibly the only manufacturer in the world right now who puts in a lot of high quality components into their power banks and sells them at very affordable prices.

Xiaomi's power banks are made with high quality components that are source from other well known and reputable electronic companies such as LG, Panasonic, and Samsung. Each of their power banks are made with nine layers of world-class circuit chip protection that are built by Texas Instruments and Monolithic Power Systems. These protections layers are chips that control the power bank's discharging, charging, and output activities to prevent the power bank from overcharging and also from high temperatures. The power bank is also intelligent enough to stop power flowing if it notices that the cable is plugged in the wrong direction.

The different Xiaomi power bank models:

  • 5000 mAh Mi Power Bank: Xiaomi's lowest capacity power bank at only 5000 mAh battery capacity. The 5000 mAh Mi Power Bank is packed in a super slim textured unibody aluminum case that is only 9.9mm thin!
  • 10000 mAh Mi Power Bank: The 10000 mAh Mi Power Bank may pack a large capacity, but it is still as small as a business card. Its slightly thicker body has curves that are more ergonomic to hold in the hand.
  • 16000 mAh Mi Power Bank: The largest battery capacity Mi Power Bank at a whooping 16000 mAh has two USB ports for dual charging of devices at a single time. To store the large amount of batteries, Xiaomi has adopted a longer form factor for the power bank instead of making it thicker. The longer form factor makes it compact and easier to store and carry in your bag instead of a thicker power bank.

All Xiaomi power banks are reliable and they also charge our electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets quickly. Speaking of devices, the Xiaomi power bank is compatible with many different makes of electronic devices, be it smartphones from HTC, Sony, Samsung, Apple, or even wireless earphones or headphones and gaming handheld controllers. So if a reliable power bank is what you are looking for, the Xiaomi power bank is the best choice.