Dates back to the 15th century, with corset being the precursor, women brassieres (bras) were used as a garment to modify the appearance of their top, mostly to restrain the size of the breasts. Over the period of a long history, our ancestors had invented a more innovative form of lingerie to make better use of the garment which mainly to support and push up women's breasts. A woman is most confident when she owns the right bras and in helping half of the world to find their perfect fit, XIXILI was born to become every lady’s most trusted lingerie brand today.

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XIXILI Singapore - Understanding women like no other

We all have different body types with various aesthetic demands to be pleased. Hence finding the perfect fitting bras is undoubtedly challenging, especially when the market is flooded with hundreds of lingerie brands. With the goal to bring comfort and confidence to every individual with the collections of bras and panties, nighties and corsetieres designed for women of all sizes, XIXILI takes pride in offering their ladies the finest undergarments at affordable prices.

XIXILI was founded in 2004 by a group of passionate women who believe in the magical enhancement of a woman’s silhouette through high quality bras. They worked together to introduce to the fashion industry a new exquisite lingerie line, one that merges personal statement with perfect measurements to satisfy every woman’s needs. XIXILI always stands firm on its promise to “enhance everyone’s confidence, happiness and well-being” by constantly crafting plentiful ideas for new collections of bra sets of all sizes ranging from A to I cup.

Find your bestie with XIXILI Singapore's brilliant designs

Bras don’t just cover, protect and support your bosom but also shape them upward for an enticing look that turns every head around. However, grudgingly restraining your breasts into a wrong cup size may affect your body figure and blood circulation. On the other hand, wearing a loose bra over a long period of time will cause your breasts to be saggy as they don’t have enough support. Surprisingly, a survey has shown that 80% of women are wearing the wrong sized bras due to lack of options in the stores. But don’t panic, XIXILI is here to save the day!

Designed by women for women, XIXILI guarantees to bring you the widest range of bras and panties that fit perfectly regardless of your body type. Their major collections are XI, XIXILI and Xilouette.

  • The XI collection embodies the funky and colourful designs with lace embroidered to add a flirty look to your appearance. This collection features XIXILI’s best-selling T-shirt bra Catalunya.
  • The ultimate push-up bras under the XIXILI collection will gently firm your breasts in an aesthetic way. These sexy bra designs have got to be in your closet now ladies!
  • Especially designed for the hotties, Xilouette collection features the finest fabrics to compliment your silhouette. These luxury corset-like bras and nighties will surely evoke the intimacy of every couple.

The brand that speaks up for women

Being the frontline lingerie brand, XIXILI’s mission is not just about up-lifting every individual’s confidence but also to celebrate the significance of all the ladies from around the globe. Therefore, they have consecutively run the Love My Life campaign since 2005 to emphasize on this simple philosophy: “Love yourself first so that you are able to love others. Take care of yourself first so that you can care for others, especially your loved ones.”

The highest recognition of XIXILI’s Love My Life project is its exertion to raise breasts cancer awareness among the ladies through the “BSE, I have done it!” campaign. It is run annually to encourage young ladies to take the screening test for breasts cancer before the symptoms appear. The act towards the community well-being has given XIXILI a solid trust from its customers from time to time.

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