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Yale Singapore– World-class security

We can never take security for granted. In Singapore, the crime and accident rate has exponentially increased over the course of a few years. This phenomenon has made usSingaporeans take precautions in every way possible. One of the ways we do it involves strengthening our security systems in our home and work. The more traditional (and secure) way of keeping security up-to-date involves changing lock systems. World-class security comes in the form of Yale locks and keys in Singapore. The toughest, most durable lock and key products in Singapore come from Yale. Keep your family and friends safe with the best in security systems in Yale Singapore. Cost won’t be a thing with the lowest prices in Yale locks and security systems with iprice. Simply browse the products above or find out more with the links below.

Yale as a brand through history

Yale is said to be the world’s favourite lock. This comes as no surprise granted the number of centuries the company has been around for. The founding father – Linus Yale Sr., brought the concept of security in the form of locks and bolts in the 1840’s to America. Passing down the legacy of being the country’s foremost lock makers, his sons took over the company to further prosper in the field of security. From homes to banks and more high profile companies, Yale locks were the preferred choice. The company also pursued patents and improved on lock technology with each passing year. Some of the patents made in the 1800’s alone are as follows:

  • 20 Oct 1843 combination lock - Springfield, MA
  • 13 June 1844 pin tumbler safe lock - Springfield, MA
  • 13 Feb. 1849 safe - Newport, NY
  • 5 Aug 1856 vault and safe door bolt - Newport, NY
  • 8 Sept. 1857 padlock - Newport, NY

Today, the company’s vision and mission is to keep this legacy going strong. As the world’s favourite lock, the company enjoys the limelight in more than 125 countries all over the world.

Secure yourself and your belongings with Yale

If you’ve watched spy movies such as the James Bond series or Mission Impossible movies, you will realize that locks and safes are easily opened by any Tom, Dick or Harry. Although these movies are far from reality, we recognize the importance of keeping your personal property safe. Yale’s repertoire for safety supersedes its name. When we think of Yale, we think of padlocks and keys. But did you know that Yale also creates military-grade safety systems. Some of Yale’s safety mechanisms are found in the following:

  • Yale Padlocks & keys
  • Yale Safes (digital & manual)
  • Yale Digital door lock
  • Yale Cash box

In the multitude of Yale products, the company doesn’t skimp on looks. Keeping up with the futuristic theme, most Yale products (however basic) are made to look interesting while blending in with today’s surroundings. It’s the little details that give Yale products the upper hand. Why then would you choose any other brand for safety and security? Let’s look further at what Yale products you could get both for home and office.

Yale Padlocks

To start off with, let’s look at Yale padlocks available. Yale padlocks are by far the cheapest alternatives for a secure surrounding. To work with what you have, Yale padlocks simply require a door and a little extension on the door to connect the padlock to the wall border in order to secure the room. Yale padlocks and keys work well not only for home, but travel. Use Yale security padlocks to secure your luggage bag zippers, gym lockers and bicycle chain locks. Consider these Yale padlock systems to enhance your security:

  • Yale Original Y121/40 Anti Cut Outdoor Padlock
  • Yale Original Y121/50 50mm Anti Cut Outdoor Padlock

With Yale padlocks, you can rest assured, your security is number one priority.

Yale Safes

“What about personal belongings?” you ask? No worries! Yale has got you covered. Yale safes are the perfect option for storing all your valuables at the highest level of security. Whether for work or play, Yale Safes make the perfect choice. With historic relevance in banking and secure facilitation, Yale safes have come a long way. Yale safes don’t only keep your valuables from prying eyes, they also keep your stuff from fire and other calamities. Most Yale safes these days come with electronic devices to access them. Simply pre-set your password and only you can access it. Some choices of Yale safe boxes you could check out are:

  • Yale YDM/420/FG3 Document Fire Safe
  • Yale Electronic Home Document Fire Safe Box YFM/310/FG2
  • Yale YLEL/200/EG7 Elite Digital Safes Laptop
  • Yale YSS/200/DB2 - Yale Standard Digital Safe (Home)

Yale online with iprice

You may not have known till now, but you can get Yale security products online at unbelievable prices. With iprice, you can purchase at discounts of up to 35% when purchasing Yale Home & Living online! Check out the most popular Yale Home & Living products such as the Motorised Tapered Bolt Digital Door Lock YDD1212, Premiun Proximity Card Digital Door Lock YDM3109 and YDM4109 Fingerprint Digital Mortise Door Lock. Looking for a Yale Home & Living? Find good ones not only from Yale Home & Living.