Digital door locks are the keyless solutions to unlock your door! Yale continually pushing the limits of home security by offering a number of digital locks to the market. Make your home safe and smart with Yale Digital Door Lock Singapore today!

Is Yale digital lock waterproof? | How do I reset my Yale digital lock? | Why does my Yale door lock keep beeping?


Why You Should Choose Yale Smart Door Locks Singapore | FAQs

Yale is one of the most well-known lock companies in the world, having a long history that dates back to the 1800s. The pin tumbler lock, now known as the Yale lock, is said to have been invented by Yale's founder. While Yale Singapore still sells their traditional locks, it also offers digital locks with a variety of features to improve your home security. The Yale digital lock is among the best on the market today, allowing you to answer the door remotely, bring you safe and convenient keyless solutions to grant entry to visitors and open the door automatically as you approach.

Yale digital door locks allow you to open your door without using the traditional keys. They are built with the latest in digital door locking technology from fingerprint, smart card to keypad, choose the best way to unlock your door. Each provides an instantaneous door opening solution while also adds simplicity to your lifestyle.

With the Yale Digital Door Locks:

  • You don't have to bring along your keys when you go out.
  • There will be no more misplaced or forgotten keys
  • You don't have to rummage through your pockets, purses, or bags anymore
  • There's no need for spare keys
  • There will be no more cutting keys for your guests

Combine cutting-edge technology with practical reliability, Yale Singapore bring you the future of digital door locks. There are three main types of digital door locks offer by Yale Singapore:

Wooden Door Digital Lock

  • Biometric Digital Door Lock
  • RFID Card Digital Door lock

Metal Gate Lock

  • YDR30G (Yale Link Gate Lock)
  • YDR50G (Yale Link Biometric Gate Lock)
  • YDR424G (Biometric Gate Lock)
  • YDR323GN (RFID Gate Lock)

Glass Door Lock

  • YDG413 (Glass Door Rim Lock)

Frequently Asked Questions about Yale Digital Door Locks Singapore

Is Yale digital lock waterproof?

The Yale digital lock or Smart Keypad is typically mounted on the exterior of the home and is suitable for outdoor use. All Yale digital lock has an IP55 rating, which means they're dustproof and water-resistant. Yale Connect Bridge and Yale Smart Lock Pro are installed inside the house and are not suitable for outdoor use.

How do I reset my Yale digital lock?

A factory reset clears all your visitors as well as owner data from your lock and restores it to its factory default settings. It also removes the lock from any keychains belonging to the owner or guests. In order to fully reset a Yale Digital Lock connected to the Yale Access app, you must first remove the lock from the app and then physically reset the app. Below are the steps on physically resetting the lock without the Yale Access App:

Please take note that when the digital lock is restored to factory settings, all user codes (including the Master entry code) are erased and all programming features are reverted to their original default settings.

  1. Remove the batteries and the battery cover.
  2. To access the reset button, remove the interior side of the lock.
  3. The reset button is next to the PCB cable connector.
  4. Reinstall batteries and release the reset button while pressing it for at least 3 seconds.
  5. Remove the battery cover and replace it.

How do I change my Yale digital lock code?

The password or lock code setup for Yale digital lock differs depending on the model. On the side of the interior part, there is usually a setup or reset key. You may refer to the respective user manuals for further details. The Yale Smart Lock Instruction guide is also available to download online.

Why does my Yale door lock keep beeping?

The Yale door locks will give a series of warning beeps sound if the battery is low. The siren batteries should be replaced every 2-3 years. When arming the system, the unit will 'beep' five times to alert you that the battery power is low. There are also two circumstances whereby it will trigger the Yale door lock alarm: damage on the lock and break-in. The alarm will go off if the front body of the lock is damaged due to forced separation or drilling. If someone tries to break in by force when the door is locked will trigger the alarm as well.

How do I stop my Yale from beeping?

You can turn off the Yale Smart Lock alarm by one of the three options:

  • Key in your registered PIN code
  • Scan your registered fingerprint
  • Contact your registered smart card or i-Button key