Music is one of the best antidepressants to combat the stress that you face every day. However, producing music that everyone can appreciate requires top-notch equipment and instruments to be used. Yamaha Singapore ensures that you can get your hands on musical instruments and audio equipment of the best quality. Read on to find out more about Yamaha’s products and the technologies applied to create these products below.

What are the latest Yamaha keyboards? | Where can I get a Yamaha guitar in Singapore?


All You Need to Know about Yamaha Singapore

Producing the best quality music requires the use of excellent instruments and equipment. This is where Yamaha comes into the picture. Boasting 140 years of history in the industry, the brand can be considered as an expert when it comes to manufacturing top quality musical instruments. In fact, Yamaha has become a common and trustworthy name for music lovers worldwide. The brand’s dedication to excellence is prominent in its products, as these products have played a big role in the revolution of sound and the development of the global music scene.

Products Offered by Yamaha

Yamaha Singapore specialises in manufacturing all sorts of musical instruments and audio equipment. These products are regularly used on centre stage in large-scale music events, concerts, orchestras, and even in studios while composing music. Their ability to produce high-quality sounds makes them a favourite amongst musicians. Yamaha’s inventory of products includes the following:

Musical Instruments

Yamaha’s inventory includes all the conventional musical instruments including pianos, keyboards, string instruments, guitars, brass and woodwinds, marching band instruments, drums, and percussions. This makes it the go-to brand for all your musical needs.

Audio Equipment

Besides being one of the biggest producers of musical instruments, Yamaha also manufactures a generous number of audio equipment. With products such as synthesisers, speakers, mixers, and audio interfaces, Yamaha’s audio equipment are staple fixtures in many music production studios in Singapore. This means that Yamaha has indirectly played a role in Singapore’s commercial music scene.

Moreover, Yamaha also produces home audio equipment for you to use at home for your auditory pleasure. This product line includes speaker systems, HiFi systems, headphones and earphones, and home theatre systems. Be it catching up on your favourite movies or binge-playing on console games, Yahama's home equipment help to elevate the experience to a new level with their superior sound.

Yamaha Music Schools

Besides being widely regarded as an expert in music production tools, Yamaha is also actively involved in music education. For over 50 years, Yamaha has played a proactive role in developing a variety of teaching courses and music lessons for individuals, regardless of age and background. Yamaha has recently introduced courses that cater to children as young as 2 years old, inculcating a passion for music in them at a tender age.

What are the latest Yamaha keyboards?

Here is a list of the best and latest Yamaha keyboards that suit different needs:

  • YPT-260: Best for beginners
  • MODX8: One of the latest synthesisers, suitable for performers
  • CP88: Best premium stage piano for performers, producers, and songwriters
  • Montage8: Best for live performers
  • NP-32: Best value-for-money keyboard for portability
  • DGX-660: Best for composers honing arrangement/production skills
  • Arius YDP-164: Best for beginners and intermediate players
  • Arius YDP-184: Best sounding digital piano for home

Where can I get a Yamaha guitar in Singapore?

Guitar Shop in Singapore

  • Swee Lee in The Star Vista and Bras Basah Complex
  • Guitar Workshop, Bras Basah Complex
  • The Guitar Shop Singapore in Excelsior Hotel
  • The Guitar Shop Warehouse in Peninsular Shopping Centre Singapore
  • Davis Guitar Music Centre in Peninsula Shopping Centre Singapore
  • Sound Alchemy Music in Peninsula Shopping Centre Singapore
  • The Guitar Gallery Pte Ltd in Parklane Shopping Mall
  • Yamaha - Westgate
  • City Music Co Pte Ltd in Saviour Trading Co.