Started as a family business uprooted from China and brought over to Singapore, Yeo’s had a humble beginning in making soy sauce, which has eventually become a kitchen staple in Singaporean households. Fast forward to today, Yeo’s Singapore has expanded its product offerings to soybean milk - locals’ favourite drink, seasonings, cooking pastes, canned food, and more. Find out about Singaporeans’ favourite beverages from Yeo’s below!

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Singaporeans’ All-Time Favourite Beverages by Yeo’s (Yeo Hiap Seng)

During festive seasons or gatherings, one of the brands we Singaporeans would usually go for when it comes to refreshing drinks is Yeos. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that almost every Chinese household has Yeo’s drinks ready in their refrigerator during Chinese New Year.

From green tea and chrysanthemum tea to winter melon and sugar cane drink, Yeo’s caters its drinks to the local palate. Each drink has the right sweetness but also comes with a healthier version that has less added sugar for health-conscious individuals. Let’s take a quick look at the bestselling Yeo’s drinks in the country:

Yeo’s Chrysanthemum Tea

Instead of steeping tea in a traditional teapot and waiting for 5 minutes to pass, why not go for the ready-to-drink Chrysanthemum tea that exudes a mild refreshing and fragrant aroma? Like many types of herbal teas on the market, it contains body-cooling properties to help you beat the summer heat on any occasion.

Yeo’s Winter Melon Tea

A long-time favourite among Singaporeans, this tea isn’t just your regular sweet tea as it contains a unique melon flavour. With only minimal sugar added, the drink helps to cool down your body. It leaves you feeling invigorated when it’s consumed cold!

Yeo’s Soybean Milk

It goes without saying that the soybean milk is the OG that has made Yeo’s name known in many Asian countries, and even Asian marts in Western countries! Made with premium Canadian non-GMO whole soybeans via traditional preparation, the soybean making process delivers silky-smooth soymilk that comes with a homemade taste. Now, Yeo’s soymilk is available in other variations such as black soymilk, soymilk with calcium, as well as bandung soy drink.

Yeo’s Justea White Grape Green Tea

The Justea series experiments on different flavours that infuse well with brewed green tea to deliver a delicately sweet aroma. While Justea Green Tea comes in the variations of lemon, peach, green tea latte, and matcha latte, the white grape green tea remains a popular favourite as it contains chewy aloe vera bits that are naturally made.

Yeo’s Can Grass Jelly Drink (Cincau)

A must-have in the hot summer to help quench your thirst. Made from a subtly minty herbal concoction, this cincau drink is known to cool our heaty bodies after an intense workout or a large filling meal. Another thing we love about this drink is none other than the soft and chewy strips of herbal grass jelly that provide a refreshing sensation.