With the smartphone being an indispensable device in our everyday lives today, portable chargers are equally important to ensure that your smartphones do not run out of battery power while you are performing your everyday tasks. Yoobao manufactures high-quality portable battery chargers at affordable prices to keep your phone charged while you are on the go. Click here to find out more about products from Yoobao Singapore.

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Your Comprehensive Guide to Yoobao Singapore’s Chargers and Accessories

Can you imagine in this modern world without a smartphone or having a smartphone but it runs out of power? Without access to our smartphones, we will feel out of place as if we are missing something. Thankfully, Yoobao Singapore provides a solution to this problem by providing reliable yet affordable power banks and portable chargers to keep your smartphones constantly charged while you are performing your daily errands. Yoobao Singapore’s power banks and portable chargers enable you to charge your smartphone while you are on the move without relying on a power outlet.

Portable Chargers and Accessories Provided by Yoobao Singapore

Yoobao Singapore is an ever-growing brand in Singapore, known for producing reliable portable chargers and other phone accessories such as USB cables and travel adapters. Yoobao Singapore ensures that you have the proper essentials to keep your smartphones charged anytime and anywhere. The icing on the cake is that Yoobao Singapore’s products can be purchased online easily from the comfort of your homes from e-commerce sites such as Lazada Singapore, Qoo10, and Shoppu. Yoobao Singapore’s notable products include:


One of the products that Yoobao is most well-known for is its powerbanks. Powerbanks are portable battery chargers that can be charged in advance to later charge your smartphones without the use of a power socket. Powerbanks are handy gadgets to bring along with you, especially when you know that you will not have access to power sockets for prolonged periods of time or for the entire day. All you need to do to charge your phone with Yoobao Singapore’s powerbank is by using the USB cable that comes along with the powerbanks when you purchase them. You can also use any USB cable, as long as the endpoints match the relevant charging ports.

Yoobao provides powerbanks that come in various voltage outputs, from 6,000mAh up to 20,000mAh. Naturally, powerbanks with higher output will be able to be used for more times per charge compared to those with lower output. Moreover, devices with advanced and more complicated features such as the iPhone 7 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will take up more power from the powerbanks compared to their basic counterparts. Hence, for users who own high-end smartphones or power-consuming devices such as tablets, a powerbank with at least 15,000mAh is recommended. Otherwise, powerbanks with lower voltage is sufficient. Most of Yoobao Singapore’s powerbanks are also equipped with QuickCharge technology, enabling them to recharge your devices at a much faster rate compared to conventional charging.

Car Chargers

In Singapore, you might find yourself in your car stuck in the middle of a traffic congestion more often and for longer periods than you should be. Utilise the time you spend in your cars wisely by recharging your smartphones with Yoobao Singapore’s car chargers. Car chargers recharge your devices by drawing power from your car. Hence, to use a car charger you need to first locate the power supply outlet or the cigarette lighter in your car and then install the car charger there. All you need to charge your device with Yoobao Singapore’s car chargers is a compatible USB cable and you are good to go.

Yoobao Singapore’s car chargers are versatile, as they are compatible with most smartphones and tablets that are available in the market today. Moreover, they come with QuickCharge technology as well, meaning that your devices can be charged at faster rates.

Travel Adapters

If you are a frequent traveler, you will know that some countries have different builds for their electric sockets and wall outlets than your country. For example, the design of the electrical sockets in China is different with the ones found in Singapore. You might not be able to plug into the sockets unless you have a specialized adapter.

One of the accessories that Yoobao Singapore offers is travel adapters that you can bring along during your travels so that you will be able to charge your devices while you are overseas. Yoobao Singapore has travel adapters that you can choose from to be compatible with your destination, be it the US or European countries. To use the travel adapters, just plug the adapters into the wall socket or the power outlet first. Then, plug in a compatible USB cable to the travel adapter and your device will start charging as usual.

USB Cables

It is always handy to have a spare USB cable with you, just in case you misplace or lost another. Besides providing portable chargers and travel adapters, Yoobao Singapore also manufactures high-quality USB cables. Manufactured with high-quality insulation materials, Yoobao Singapore’s cables are safe to use and will not disintegrate easily. Yoobao Singapore’s USB cables are able to support most commercial devices in the market. As some of its cables also have a 2-in-1 head, you can charge your Android and Apple devices with a single cable by switching the endpoint with the one that matches the charging port on the device.