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What is the Zara TRF collection? | Does Zara Home ship to Singapore?


Everything You Need to Know about Zara Singapore

Even after many decades, you would learn that Zara has not changed much, neither has its boutique system. Typically, retail will have a far more restrained consumption, but not for Zara. Due to its fashion-forward styles as well as cool staples and statement pieces, every fashionista does not hesitate to flock to Zara when it comes to the latest trends in bags, shoes, clothing, and beauty products. Here's everything you need to know about the world's largest apparel retailer.

How Zara got its name

Zara has become an iconic household name in the fashion industry. In opening their first store in A Coruna in 1975, their original plan was to name it Zorba, after Zobra the Greek, their favourite film. However, because there was already a bar called Zorba nearby and to avoid confusion, they decided to change names. This last-minute change was created from tweaking the letters in Zorba, hence the name Zara. This goes to show that not all accidents are bad because Zara is now a brand known around the world with over 2000 stores across 88 countries.

800 million items of clothing are produced per year

The number is equivalent to approximately 10% of the entire world's population. Nonetheless, not all of Zara's pieces are made in their factory. This is because delicate stitching or unique details such as embroidery on a jacket are still sewn by hand. Since the brand produces 30,000 new designs a year which comes to about 26,000 pieces of clothing design, it combines small production runs with large volumes of designs. This means that it guarantees interest and appeal to one consumer or another. So if one design is not your cup of tea, the latter might.

No wastage ethic

Considering that Zara is the world's largest fashion retailer, they have the lowest wastage compared to any other major fashion labels. Research has suggested that clothing companies tend to discard or destroy roughly 10 to 20% of their products. However, Zara's wastage stands at only 1%. It is obvious that not every product will sell as well, but the 1% stock that is left will be donated to charity.

Every item is tested, including bags and shoes

Testing is important for quality control but that is not the main purpose Zara has. From store layouts to the designs of clothes, bags, and shoes, everything is tested internally to see which is favoured. After that, the product is only actually made. The testing includes store managers, designers and lead designers, marketing, and any other relevant department.

Efficient production

The main reason for minimum wastage is that Zara cuts their cloth themselves. In order to ensure the best use of material, the raw material comes to the headquarters and is then patterned and cut. Most of the materials come from either Spain or other surrounding countries and finally put together. After that, it goes back to Zara for handwork, quality control, RFID tagging, and packing.

Traditional is Zara's first name

A lot of things are still done traditionally around Zara. For example, sampling is still handmade with the help of a designer and a pattern cutter working together in small groups.

Frequently Asked Questions About Zara Online Singapore

What is the Zara TRF collection?

Zara TRF is an abbreviation of Trafaluc, which is one of the four departments of Zara’s ladieswear collection. The TRF collection is targeted towards younger customers in their early 20s and normally comes with an affordable price range. Its bold aesthetics can be seen on trendy outfits like slogan t-shirts, dresses and co-ords, oversized hoodies, statement denim pieces, and others.

What happened to Zara TRF?

Zara has removed the TRF section from its official sites and app. All products from this collection are now displayed based on their respective gender categories.

Why are Zara stores closing?

In June 2020, Zara’s owner Inditex announced the closing of up to 1200 Zara stores worldwide by the end of 2021 as they decided to place more focus on digital sales of fashion items. The renowned fashion brand was hit hard by the pandemic, leading to a decline in sales by 44%. As a result, the fashion retailer is pouring all their effort into boosting online sales.

Does Zara Home ship to Singapore?

Absolutely! If you would like to ship products from Zara Home to Singapore, here are a few steps to follow:

  1. Browse the Zara Home Worldwide site, select your desired item(s).
  2. Log in with your existing Zara Home account or create a new account.
  3. Fill out your payment and shipment details; the delivery fee costs 45 Euros.
  4. The delivery cost may vary if import costs are imposed upon the item(s).
  5. Allow the shipping process to take 7 to 10 working days.

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