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Home cooked meals for a healthier lifestyle

Are you aware that health hazards like high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, fatigue, diabetics, constipation and heart attacks are much related to your daily diets? The meals that you consume everyday makes up your body’s composition are also a precursor to many chronic health problems.

But it is not easy for most people to just cut down on their food. After all, many people in this country have a love for good food and there is a social culture that encourages people to socialize over a dining table! So, if food gathers people together, why not have healthier meals that are home cooked? On a side note, sedentary lifestyles and security concerns that keep people indoors also contribute to the obesity statistics.

Find time and make an effort to cook at least on the weekends and bring a few home-made lunch takeaways (not only you’ll be eating healthier, you’ll also be able to save more!). Zebra kitchenware will definitely cater to your cooking and packing needs with its wide range of food carriers, lunch boxes, food storage, container sets and the new lid-lock container sets that will keep your liquids in tacked. Zebra’s stainless steel Thailand cookware are essentially multi-purpose utensils that are made of the finest stainless steel. Zebra utensils are thick and durable, and gives out a similar feel like a timeless automotive tool made for kitchen purposes. The modern Zebra Thailand stainless steel bakelite handle is equally tough and perfect for house or commercial use.

Zebra cookware - the name that resonates with Quality

Designed to last for many years, Zebra Cookware Set are made of a three-layered bottom which is a compound stainless steel inside an aluminium. This cookware brand helps to save energy (gas and electric costs!) and time as users can cook on a lower heat and shorten the cooking time. Furthermore, Zebra Cookware Set also has a matted or polished finishing. This type of combination makes Zebra cookware an extremely durable compound that will stay in the same shape for many years of usage. Cook whatever on this non-stick surface as it has excellent heat transmission properties that will provide optimal heat spread over the entire wok. Reviewed as one of the best cookware Singapore, Zebra stainless steel induction cookware is among the finest quality cookware!

With almost 50 years of manufacturing experience in making stainless steel cookware (since 1966), Zebra Thailand (registered as Satien Stainless Steel Public Company) has achieved the international standard certification as the most advanced manufacturing factories in the Asia continent. Zebra brand has achieved the International Standard of Quality ISO 9001: 2008 and the Environmental Management System ISO 14001: 2004, both certified by Tüv Süddeutshland Group of Germany. Therefore, users of Zebra kitchenware products can expect items that are made of high quality stainless steel SUS304. Since many people around the world take cooking very seriously, spending a little more on high quality Zebra products doesn’t seem to be affected by the higher price tag for cookware. This also proves that consumers are smart and are willing to pay more for the best kitchenware products made by the Zebra brand.

Key features of Zebra tableware:

  • 100% high quality stainless steel
  • Versatile and practical design
  • Interlocking functions for bowls, carriers for more storage
  • Leak-proof containers uses the air-tight lid to keep liquids in tacked
  • Lead Free
  • Has a nice and heavy solid feel
  • Handles are made of highest quality Bakelite
  • Proudly made in Thailand (lookout for the Zebra logo when purchasing!)

Zebra brand’s Stainless Steel Thermos collection

Among the newer product line of the Zebra brand is the Stainless Steel Thermos collection. Although priced slightly higher in the market, Zebra’s Thermos line-up are made of hard plastic accents and pristine stainless steel. The collection’s pure stainless steel inner chamber allows users to keep either cold or hot things at one time for many hours. The 9-inched thermos can even hold up to four cups of liquid!

The screw-on top thermos also has a white cup under its top that can be used as a drinking cup. Users can also push the blue button at the top and pour liquids out of the thermos through the drip-proof cap. Zebra vacuum flasks are also a popular item in Singapore.

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