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Samsung’s road to technological domination

Just like how Karl Lagerfeld represents everything about the world of fashion, in the world of tech, the one name that is highly revered is Samsung. This brand gives meaning to what modern technology is all about. Armed with over 70 years of experience, Samsung has dedicated to make the world a better place to live in with their range of high-tech electronic manufacturing and digital media.

Samsung Malaysia – Redefining modern technology

Samsung is the dominant leader in TVs and sells a lot of washing machines, but the one thing that that gave this brand its recognition all over the world is their innovative range of smartphones. If Samsung isn’t yet as lust-worthy a brand as Apple, their success is found as the anti-Apple as Galaxy smartphones outsell iPhones in most parts of the world. And Samsung is the only other brand that can introduce a brand new smartphone and have people line up around the city block, for days.

Now, to their latest rendition - The all amazing, all elegant, all powerful, all futuristic Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. The Galaxy S7 and its sister the edge is the continuation where Galaxy S6 left off. Samsung left the working aspects as it is and improved on the areas that did not strike a chord with S6 and S6 Edge users. The result – an extremely polished phone that was built around the S6, with greater improvement and innovative features.

With the ultimate aim to change the world by redefining modern technology, Samsung knows exactly how to collect a loyal following everywhere their flags are placed in the world.

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No one does a tech revolution like Samsung. Backtrack from the latest Samsung smartphone to the founding days and you have a noteworthy journey that charts Samsung’s epic rise from a small trading company to the ‘world-class corporation before us today. Whether its Samsung cameras, computers, home appliances or Samsung LCD TVs, this is a journey that’s spanned over seventy years and continuous to break boundaries.

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Samsung’s history is ripe with continuous innovation, inventions and breakthrough products. This tech giant is present in various industries with businesses in consumer electronics, fashion, medicine, finance, hotels, advance technology, petrochemical, semiconductors, as well as skyscraper and plant construction.

Android lovers who flock to Samsung’s consumer technology offerings includes its fair share of prominent people. Whether it’s the latest Samsung mobile models or tablet devices, Samsung has no shortage of users. Basketball superstar LeBron James, Nicole Scherzinger and The Saturdays among others have all been spotted with a Samsung phone at some point or promoting the brand. In fact, Ellen DeGeneres took her world-famous ‘Oscar selfie’ and posted in on Twitter with a Samsung smartphone.

Samsung even had a deal with Roc Nation which saw 1 million copies of Jay Z’s Magna Carta album released to those who owned a Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4 and the Galaxy Note 2. To add to the exclusivity, the download was available on the Google Play store three whole days before it went on sale to the rest of his fans.

How Samsung began and how it flourished

Samsung’s humble beginnings could be traced back to the year of 1938. Its founder, Lee Byung-chul, started the company off as a trading company. After 30 years, it expanded into multiple industries including food processing, textiles, insurance, securities, and retail. It was not until the late 1960s that Samsung smoothed into the electronics industry, and alongside its entry into the construction and shipbuilding industries in the mid-1970s, which then provided the starting growth that led it to where it is now.

Starting from the 1980s, Samsung began to invest tremendously in research and development of electronics in which after globalizing most of its activities and making electronics, particularly mobile phones and semiconductors, its most crucial source of profit and providing the fast trajectory to international recognition.

By 1992, Samsung became the largest producer of memory chips in the world and is only second to Intel, the world’s largest chipmaker. With only 10 years down the road, Samsung paved its way into top rankings to be the world’s largest manufacturer of liquid-crystal display (LCD) screens. This caught the attention of another powerhouse in the industry, Sony. In 2006, Sony and Samsung collaborated to manufacture the S-LCD with a 50-50 share ratio.

It is also worth mentioning that during the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis, Samsung survived without harming any of its profits or assets.

Before moving rapidly into the digital TVs and smartphones, Samsung opened a computer programming laboratory in Warsaw, Poland for set-top-box technology. Heading towards 2011, Warsaw became Samsung’s most crucial R&D centre in Europe, recruiting 400 new-hires per year come 2013.

By 2012, Samsung was entitled the world’s largest mobile phone maker by the amount of sales, topping Nokia, a close competitor. Now, with Apple racing side-to-side, Samsung has come far from just being a trading company.

Popularly-sung products of Samsung

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, the pride and glory of Samsung furnished a wide range of products to fit every need possibly mustered by customers adhering to the fact that they are the world’s largest information technology company by revenue since 2009 and for the fact that they have assembly plants and sales networks in 80 countries and they boast 370,000 employees. Below are the range of products Samsung offers:

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Televisions
  • Home Theatre & Audio Systems
  • Blu-Ray & Smart Players
  • Wearable Techs
  • Digital Cameras & Cam Coders
  • Personal Computers, Laptops, and Printers
  • House Accessories
  • External Storage Devices
  • Electronic Accessories

How much can a Samsung product cost you?

Made to function and perform like high-performing devices, Samsung products are reasonably priced depending on the technology a product carries. Customers are well aware that their purchases suit the cost that they carry. Check out the prices above!

Samsung, friends, and the love-hate relationships

Having being the leader in a number of technological innovations and advancements, not to mention having a revenue topping powerhouse Nokia, Samsung has been making friends and partners throughout its journey of being the best for its customers. Starting with the partners, Samsung has collaborated with a number of technological giants, naming some; Sony, Apple Inc., Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Verizon Communications, and AT&T Inc.. Samsung’s relationship with Apple Inc. can be described as a true love-hate relationship between companies. This is due to the fact that Samsung was a major supplier for Apple and when Apple filed a lawsuit on the matter of trademark and patent infringement of the iPhone and iPad. It ended with Apple posting a court-ordered apology on its UK website. Go Samsung!

Another relationship was formed between Samsung and Best Buy Co., Inc., forming the Samsung Experience Shop (SES). The SES is sought to be a store-in-a-store which promotes customers to test new products and provide them training with the mobile products that they already own. This relationship bloomed into a long-lasting partnership that Best Buy considered strictly beneficial. Their next project is named the Samsung Entertainment Experience in which will be run by Samsung-trained Best Buy associates.

Look forward to it!

Samsung's growing into the new in-thing

Samsung products vary in accordance to the needs and demands of the customers. If you find yourself in need of a smartphone that you can freely customize to your heart’s desire or perhaps a durable and dependable RAM stick or maybe even a high-performing Inkjet Laser Printer that is absolutely user-friendly, then Samsung is the right brand for you. With designs that focus on user-friendliness coupled with freedom of customization and applications that standout in colour, quality, and performance, Samsung leads the world of mobile devices and electronics.

People are loving Samsung!

Samsung products receive mostly excellent reviews from its customers. Through Amazon, customers are satisfied with purchases of LCD TVs, smartphones, and laptops. Almost all ratings rate high 4s and 5s.

Samsung's list of awards sings greatness

  • Climate Change & Energy Category
  • Corporate Green Management Category – 7 sub-category awards won
  • Eco-product & Technology Category – 5 sub-category awards won
  • Climate Change & Energy Category
  • Corporate Green Management Category – 9 sub-category awards won
  • Eco-product & Technology Category – 14 sub-category awards won
  • Climate Change & Energy Category– 2 sub-category awards won
  • Corporate Green Management Category – 12 sub-category awards won
  • Eco-product & Technology Category – 15 sub-category awards won
  • Corporate Green Management Category – 14 sub-category awards won
  • Eco-product & Technology Category – 15 sub-category awards won
  • Corporate Green Management Category – 5 sub-category awards won
  • Eco-product & Technology – 5 sub-category awards won
Corporate Green Management Category – 3 sub-category awards won

Samsung's ambassadors and sponsorships

Samsung Electronics Australia chose inspirational Ahmed Kelly as one of its 3 ambassadors. Alongside him is Commonwealth Gold Medal 4 x 100m Freestyle Relay Winner, James ‘The Missle’ Magnussen and top chef, Guillaume Brahimi. Maria Sharapova is also heading the list of Samsung ambassadors. Samsung Electronics also sponsors a number of other parties including Qantas Wallabies during their Test Rugby and Super Rugby Competition, the Australian Olympic Team, Oceania Foundation, and Life Education.

Rivalries and competition make a company on its toes

Based on morningstar.com, Samsung tops the charts in revenue and market cap. Samsung’s closest but yet still far away competition is Apple Inc. followed by Sony Corp. All throughout multiple media, Samsung has always gone head-to-head with Apple Inc.. Not only do the companies rival against each other, their customers compare quality and performance fiercely resulting in debates and rise and fall of purchase of products.

Recent News of Samsung

In due to naming Samsung the leading company of technological and electronics innovators and advancers, Samsung has most recently patented the wireless charging pad feature to its Samsung Galaxy S6. This revolutionary and futuristic advancement and patent proves that Samsung is at the top of the game. What more can we expect next? Maybe something closely similar to Ironman’s JARVIS. Who knows?

What we are saying

Samsung took the world by storm with its innovative, sleek, and optimal functionalities. It swept teenagers, adults, students, professionals, even athletes off their feet with its promise of innovation and quality products. If you are keen to possess a smartphone that adapts to your lifestyle or perhaps a LCD TV with the most technological advanced features, Samsung is your best choice.

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